Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jo Yeates ' Armchair Detectives'

David Yeates, 63, an IT specialist, told The Sunday Telegraph: "We knew what the flat was like. We know what it's normally like.
"We know what she does and doesn't do.
"We were 100 per cent convinced within 30 minutes of arriving at the flat that she had been abducted."
He added that there were "other factors, other reasons that we've been asked by the police not to go into", that left him convinced she had been abducted.
"We're just trying to do all we can to help the police.
The forums are swarming with ideas on this murder mystery and I have  not seen such activity since the' disappearance 'of Madeleine. The above comment by the parents to me is baffling ,if the parents 'saw' what was wrong in the flat why did'nt Greg?. Greg phoned his mother at 8 pm and  told her' Jo's not here' Gregs mum replied 'don't worry I am sure she has just popped out'.
The missing pizza, is it really such a mystery? Jo close to home may have bumped into a neighbour who was maybe just arriving home, parking their car, he or she, there was no sexual attack (reported at least) so how can we be sure this was not a woman? The neighbour invites Jo in and they share the pizza. Jo removes her coat and feels  comfortable enough to remove her boots , or just being polite to not mark the carpet.  While enjoying the pizza  I would   imagine even shared a bottle of wine.  If the killer was a man, he made a pass at Jo ,there was a struggle as she tried to push him away and leave. Jo, trying to flee falls and the sock comes off as the man grabs her legs (this suggestion about the sock has already been made at 'Littlemorsals') and I think a very good thesis as to how Jo came to be found with one sock.
The killer places Jo in his car, it would be difficult to dress Jo in her boots and coat , she would be a dead weight, so why does the killer not just dump Jo and throw her bag, boots and coat with her body? because this would imply Jo had been somewhere warm before she was murdered, in someones home, with someone she knew? If Jo had been found with her outer clothing the police would have thought this a 'stranger ' killing . I find it hard to believe a killer would take the risk of removing Jo from her flat but someone returning her items to the flat has surely baffled police and put her 'boyfriend' for me and many others in the role of a major suspect. Opening a bottle of cider that was amongst Jo's Friday shopping and maybe pouring half of it down the sink, gives weight to Jo being in the flat that night and having drunk from the bottle , of course her DNA would have been found on the bottle, but once again if it  was drunk somewhere else the result would be the same.. BUT was Jo ever in her flat Friday evening ?? ? Jo's parents have commented there are things she would and would not have done in the flat. This leaves me once again to think that the 'killer' wanted it to appear she had been in the flat but has made mistakes, mistakes that J0's parents have picked up on...which is why this comment has been deleted from all videos with Jo's parents.
 We all know the closest to you is 'always ' suspect and I wonder if this was maybe the plan , someone who maybe did not like Greg but had a 'crush' on Jo ? If this should be the case the  police have one hell of a smart cookie on their hands. The sock that  may have come off in the struggle, what happened to it? worn possibly on his or her hand to enter and leave Jo's flat after returning her belongings,  wiping their fingerprints, the sock later disposed of , burnt, if the killer had a log fire. The killer then lives very close to Jo's flat and was alone that night returning her belongings at some point over the week-end.
The neighbour known to all so it would not be unusal if this person had been seen near or close to the property around that time.




Greg in this article claims to have rung family and friends...I presume this was BEFORE ringing the police...and yet he did not ring Jo which leads me to believe although not mentioned he must have also seen her mobile.