Friday, January 21, 2011

WIKILEAKS/ UFO'S talking to a pilot....

Interview With a Pilot: What Will Wikileaks Really Unveil About UFO’s?
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A few weeks ago we read about how Wikileaks might unleash the UFO war.  Like many of you, I really want to believe in aliens and UFO’s, but every time I see an episode of UFO Hunters, I find myself believing a little less.  How does a bunch of guys who think that streetlights = UFO, get picked up to do a TV show?
Cutting right to the chase: I really want to read about some cool sh*t going down.  I want to see little green bodies.  I want to know that we’re getting abducted.  Hell, deep down, I wouldn’t mind a good probing. You know, just to say I was there, and got the free shirt. Sadly, I don’t think we’re going to see anything this cool.

Will we even see anything that we didn’t already know?  I doubt it.  Nevertheless, the last few weeks I have been doing some research.  I even scored an interview with my friend Jared, who happens to be an airplane pilot.
I met Jared in some Myspace group like 6 years ago.  Him, myself, and a few other bored guys would spend hours trolling each other by editing penises into profile pics, and re uploading them.  5 years later, Jared became a pilot and I’m still making dick jokes all day.  Anyway, here is my interview.
RM: What kind of plane do they have you flying most?
Jared: I was flying the Airbus A319/320/321.

RM: What routes do you usually fly?
Jared: I was based out of Phoenix. I flew all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Never really had a “regular route”. It’s different all the time.

RM: Have you ever seen something in the sky that made you “wtf?”
Jared: I have seen a lot of meteorites/shooting stars, some weird reflections and lights mostly over the midwest where the ground is VERY dark and the sky is really visible.

Satellites are easier to see.

We fly near a lot of military ops space so sometimes its training maneuvers nearby. Nothing TOO freaky weird though. When the military launches flares its a hell of a sight though

There are a few interesting things on the ground.

When flying from El Paso to Last Vegas there is a HUGE field in the middle of nowhere in the desert of what has to be hundreds if not thousands of satellite dishes and antennas.

Its in a restricted area so we dont fly directly over it but can see it from far off. Its in an odd shape too and there are a lot of what look like concrete bunkers all around it. The area on the map is all one color and doesn’t show terrain or lat/long like the rest of the map.
RM: Not on the map?  That’s weird.
Jared: Here’s another one that will blow your mind….

Our onboard computers/maps have an option to pull up every airport within a selected range, however near area 51, it wont pull up the airports identifier.

 So i got nosey.

Its identifier is KXTA (all US airports start with a “K” to identify its a US Airport, like SAN is KSAN on maps.

 LAX is KLAX etc. Mexico starts with M, Canada with a C.

 Just helps us know what country its in). So XTA…. Extra terrestrial anyone!?

And thats the only restricted airspace we have to fly further away from and IS NEVER closed to fly over.

 (Sometimes on weekends and late and night military airspace is “cold” so we can fly through. NEVER over area 51. Hell they let us fly over edwards air force base, but not area 51?)
AREA 51 MILITARY restricted area...
AREA 51...