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#Google Under Fire In UK To Censor !

An influential group of UK lawmakers has called on Google to introduce an algorithm to remove search links found to be in breach of privacy - or face legislation to force it to do so.
It follows complaints from ex-Formula One boss Max Mosley about the difficulty he faced in getting a video removed from the internet.

The search giant argued it was not its job to monitor net content.

The cross-party committee said this argument was "totally unconvincing".

The report by a committee of MPs and peers was commissioned by the government to look into privacy and free speech issues after a series of high profile super-injunctions were made public last year.

Celebrities including Ryan Giggs found that gagging orders against newspapers were routinely flouted online. In Mr Giggs' case, the details of his super-injunction were mentioned at least 75,000 times on Twitter, the committee said.

Its report said that online firms needed to be brought in line with offline media in such cases.
"We recommend that, when granting an injunction, courts should be proactive in directing the claimant to serve notice on internet content platforms such as Twitter and Facebook," it said.

Some of the harshest criticism was reserved for Google.

"Where an individual has obtained a clear court order that certain material infringes their privacy and so should not be published, we do not find it acceptable that he or she should have to return to court repeatedly in order to remove the same material from internet searches," the report said.


Mr Mosley had testified that having successfully sued the News of the World over secret film it had taken, he had gone on to spend more than £500,000 on legal action to force others to remove the material from the internet.

He said that he had confronted Google saying: "Here are the pictures. We know which ones they are. Simply programme your search engine so they don't appear."

But Google had argued that while it could create algorithms to filter such results in future, it would not be desirable for it to proactively monitor the net.

The committee had greater sympathy with Mr Mosley.

"We find their [Google's] objections in principle to developing such technology totally unconvincing.

"Google and other search engines should take steps to ensure that their websites are not used as vehicles to breach the law and should actively develop and use such technology.

We recommend that if legislation is necessary to require them to do so, it should be introduced," the report concluded.

In response, Google told the BBC: "Google already removes specific pages deemed unlawful by the courts. We have a number of simple tools anyone can use to report such content, which we then remove from our index.

"Requiring search engines to screen the content of their web pages would be like asking phone companies to listen in on every call made across their networks for potentially suspicious activity."

It has not been the best week for Google and its long-held promise not to censor content.

In Japan a court has ordered it to remove certain terms from its auto-complete search function after a man complained that his name was constantly being linked to criminal activity on Google.

#ACTA :EU Parliament votes against delaying ACTA decison


The EU Parliament has voted not to refer the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) to the European Court of Justice (ECoJ), meaning the bill's final fate will be decided this summer.

In a 21 to five vote, the European Parliament's international trade committee ruled not to stall the final decision on the controversial anti-couterfeiting proposal. The decision has since been welcomed by activist groups.

"[Today's vote] demonstrates a growing understanding of ACTA's issues by a wide range of MEPs, and an ability to avoid the procedural traps set up by the EU Commission and some pro-ACTA MEPs," said Philippe Aigrain, co-founder of citizens group La Quadrature du Net.
"It is a promising step, but only the final rejection of ACTA will settle the issue."

Jérémie Zimmermann, also of La Quadrature du Net, added, "The Commission and the rapporteur's tricks have been avoided, and the Parliament can now proceed with its works on ACTA. MEPs will have to shed light on the democratic and political issues raised by ACTA, such as the extra-judicial measures aimed at stepping up the repression of online sharing."

ACTA was intended to harmonise copyright rules across all participating countries, but it has resulted in a series of high profile demonstrations, including ones in Poland.

The vote follows widespread allegations that the agreement could potentially breach EU human rights legislation, granting companies the ability to censor the internet.

"The concerns with ACTA centre mostly around how the bill enforces liability on websites for any links that point to disputed content," Trend Micro security analyst Rik Ferguson told V3.
"In the world of user-generated content, the potential for any site to be forced to close down, in a Stalinesque way to become a ‘non-site' as it is obliterated from search results or even have its domain name seized, all as a result of the actions of its users, is seen as too great a threat to business online."

Had the committee vote today gone the other way, MEPs would not have been able to vote on ACTA until the ECoJ had reached its decision, potentially delaying the vote by at least 18 months.

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#OWS #Truthout: #DHS Documents Now Online Stay Tuned...

Note: Documents are uploading now. Stay tuned....

Did the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advise local law enformcent officials on how to respond to the nationwide Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest movement and/or play a hands-on role in the dismantling of more than a dozen Occupy encampments last year?
The answers to those lingering questions may be found in the first official release of government documents related to OWS since the launch of the movement last year. DHS turned over hundreds of pages of documents to Truthout Wednesday morning.
We are currently poring over the documents, which we sought under the Freedom of Information Act, and will publish a series of reports later today and throughout the more

#Libelreform : Supreme Court libel judgment in Flood on qualified privilege-



H/T Jack of Kent via Twitter

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#Scotland #Paedophiles : Infested With Elite Child Abusers - Justice For Hollie Gregg And Robert Green

Anonymous UK

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On 14th April 2012 Anonymous (UK) activists will be joining FREE ROBERT GREEN & JUSTICE FOR HOLLIE GREIG SUPPORTS in travelling up to Aberdeen to raise awareness to both the injustice surrounding the Hollie Greig case and the miscarriage of justice in jailing Robert Green. Here, Anonymous (UK) explains WHY this is such an important case of corruption and injustice to tackle. Anonymous (UK) also, through this video, calls to arms ALL it's activist members to join as a collective and travel en mass to show solidarity and support for both Hollie & Anne, and Robert Green. Anonymous (UK) is Legion. We do not forgive and We will not forget.


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#FOI :Justice Comittee questions Information Commissioner on Freedom of Information Act 2000. Watch from 10.30am

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#England #Democracy Is Dead As Cameron's Son !

#NHS - #Syria #Rally NHS IS FREE IN SYRIA ?

#NHS Demonstrations - Police THUGS Along With Media Blackout!

#SaveOurNHS : Demonstrations In London - Cameron is A FASCIST!

#HildaMurrell #MI5 - Was 16 Year Old Framed To Cover - Up Intelligence Service Assassination ?

Hilda Murrell Murder
Campaigner Hilda Murrell, 78, who was murdered in March 1984, had been due to give evidence at the public inquiry into the Sizewell B nuclear reactor. Photograph: PA
One of Britain's leading human rights lawyers has demanded a fresh police inquiry to establish what the British intelligence services knew about the murder of a prominent anti-nuclear campaigner.

Michael Mansfield QC said new evidence meant that an independent police force should be appointed to examine enduring concerns and inconsistencies relating to the death of Hilda Murrell in March 1984.

Murrell, 78, was abducted from her home in Shrewsbury and her body was discovered days later in a nearby copse. A high-profile campaigner against nuclear weapons, she had been due to present evidence to the public inquiry into the proposed Sizewell B nuclear reactor in East Anglia. Her death triggered numerous conspiracy theories and allegations relating to the involvement of MI5, with one MP, Tam Dalyell, telling parliament that "men of British intelligence" were involved.

Subsequent claims from intelligence sources that they never even opened a file on the rose-growing anti-nuclear campaigner have now been dismissed by Mansfield as "completely ludicrous".

He said: "There must have been a file for a number of reasons. One of them being that she plainly was very active and very outspoken about a government policy that was extremely sensitive at that time – nuclear power.

"It was central to Margaret Thatcher's thinking. They would have been watching closely what she was up to, who she was associating with and so on.

"The victim was consumed with anxiety that something was going to happen to her. A look at why that might be involves the evidence she was about to give to the Sizewell inquiry."

The involvement of Mansfield, whose past cases include the Stephen Lawrence murder, follows the painstaking accumulation of evidence on the case by Murrell's nephew, Commander Robert Green.

The former naval intelligence officer was one of a handful of people privy to details of the sinking of the Argentinian ship the General Belgrano, during the 1982 Falklands conflict. Green became embroiled in allegations that he leaked intelligence to Dalyell that the Belgrano had been attacked while steaming away from the Falklands, a revelation that undermined Britain's justification for the sinking.

Just two days before Murrell was abducted, Dalyell began asking ministers detailed questions about the movements of the Belgrano when it was sunk.

Murrell's links to Green and her outspoken nature may have placed her in the spotlight of the intelligence agencies. "They [the security services] must have noticed his connection with her. Therefore they might have thought that she possessed information of a sensitive nature," said Mansfield.

Despite 28 years having passed since her death, Green will this week reveal details of what he claims are attempts to intimidate him in order to prevent him from investigating the case. Despite having moved to New Zealand, Green says he is the subject of continuing surveillance and that the tyres of his car have been slashed, his mail intercepted and, occasionally, his house broken into.

He has continued to investigate, arriving in London this week to share fresh evidence collated for his book on the murder, A Thorn In Their Side.

Among questions raised about the case are those casting fresh doubts on the conviction of a burglar, Andrew George, who was jailed for life in 2005 for Murrell's murder. George was aged 16 at the time and in care at a children's home near her home. The prosecution believed that he panicked during a burglary before abducting Murrell.

George's DNA was found to match samples taken from the scene, yet a previously undisclosed witness statement made by a forensic scientist in the case, Michael Appleby, indicates that he found DNA under Murrell's fingernails from another man.

Green claims that this information was withheld from the trial jury.

Another troubling aspect of the case relates to the testimony of the owner of the copse where the body was discovered. On the day after the murder, Captain Ian Scott visited the copse to check for trees that needed felling. Despite visiting the exact spot where her body was found, Scott somehow missed it. Yet photographs clearly show the body being visible from a distance. Subsequent police inquiries suggested that he was looking up at trees and would not have been studying the ground.

"There was no way that somebody of his calibre, of his knowledge, would have overlooked Hilda's body," said Mansfield. "Together, these factors require a reinvestigation in relation to material that never really surfaced in any of the judicial proceedings, either the inquest or the trial itself."

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#FabriceMuamba : The Conservative Mouthpiece - The Telegraph Claims Fabrice Is In A Stable Condition.

Muamba, the Bolton Wanderers midfielder, fell to the ground suddenly - 41 minutes into the game against Tottenham Hotspur, at White Hart Lane, which was on live television.
No other players were near him at the time.
The match was abandoned as both teams’ doctors spent ten minutes treating him on the pitch in front of around 35,000 fans.
Muamba, 23, was taken to a north London hospital, where a spokesman said he is now in a stable condition.
Reporters at the game said he was not breathing as he was stretchered off the pitch and into an ambulance. more

#NHS #Fabrice #Muamba in stable condition.. Great credit goes to the medical staff who worked so swiftly to get him to hospital....The NHS That Nursed Camerons Retarded Son - This Evening Saved The Life Of Fabrice..The NHS That 'Cameron The Fascist' Wishes To Destroy !

#NHS: Video - Demonstration #Police THUGS Push Woman To The Ground !

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#NHS - Police plans to fire rubber bullets in London - Will They Shoot Doctors And Nurses Who Nursed Camerons Dying Retarded Son ?

Goverment mouthpiece the BBC STILL not reporting demonstrations and kettling of Nurses and Doctors

BBC Main Switch Board Number 08455 191471


#BBC Cowards FAIL To Report ARMED POLICE Against Doctors And Nurses !

The very same Doctors and Nurses who cared for Cameron's dying retarded son...THIS is how he repays their kindness with guns !

#NHS : #BBC - Armed police - large numbers of arrests on a peaceful demonstration - Doctors And Nurses being kettled - Goverment Mouthpiece The BBC ORDERED Not To Report The Facts - FASCISTS!

The very same Doctors and Nurses who cared for Cameron's dying retarded son...THIS is how he repays their kindness with guns !

BBC Main Switch Board Number 08455 191471



#Florida :911 tapes released in fatal shooting of unarmed Florida teen

Terrified neighbors implored dispatchers to send police as a voice in the background screamed for help in 911 recordings released after the shooting of an unarmed Florida teen.

Trayvon Martin, 17, was returning from the store to the Sanford home of his father's fiancee when he has shot last month.

Authorities released seven 911 calls Friday, all of which describe hearing a gunshot.

The teen's parents broke down when they heard the recordings detailing the last moments of his life, said their attorney, Benjamin Crump.

Parents of killed teen: We want justice

Toobin: Martin shooting 'appalling' case

Martin family: Trayvon was a normal kid
"They are completely devastated, and they are in unbelievable grief," Crump told CNN affiliate WKMG.
Martin was carrying a drink and candy when George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, called 911 to report a suspicious man, authorities said.
The 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to confront him. But by the time police arrived, Martin lay dead with a gunshot wound in the chest, according to Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee.
911 tapes released Friday detail moments of terror in the neighborhood as residents made a flurry of calls describing a gunshot and a teen wailing for help.
In some of the recordings, a voice screams "Help, help!" in the background.
"There were gunshots right outside my house. There's someone screaming, I just heard a guy shot," a neighbor says. "Hurry up, they are right outside my house."
Recordings mirrored the same details: A man outside was crying for help, followed by the sound of a gunshot.
"Hurry please ... there's someone screaming outside," a neighbor whispers. "There's a gunshot, hurry up ... there's someone screaming. I just heard a gunshot."
In another call, a woman begs the dispatchers to send help, saying someone is "screaming and hollering" for help.

Trayvon Martin family: We want justice

Race issue in Trayvon Martin shooting?

Trayvon Martin's last steps retraced

Moments later, she describes a light at the scene of the shooting.
"Oh my God ..." she said, "There's still somebody out there walking with a flashlight."
Zimmerman told police he shot the teen in self defense, authorities said, and remains free as the state attorney investigates. Police said he has not been charged because there are no grounds to disprove his story of what happened.
"The evidence and testimony we have so far does not establish that Mr. Zimmerman did not act in self-defense," the police chief said. "We don't have anything to dispute his claim of self-defense, at this point, with the evidence and testimony that we have."
Police released the tapes the same day the teen's relatives said the they are outraged that Zimmerman remains free.
"It's surprising. It's shocking," said Tracy Martin, the victim's father. "It lets me know that justice is just not being served here. All we want is justice for our son. We're not asking for anything out of the ordinary."
CNN has made numerous attempts to contact Zimmerman, but have been unsuccessful. It is unclear whether he has retained an attorney.
Some have accused Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, of profiling the black teen.
His father delivered a statement to the Orlando Sentinel this week saying his son moved out of his home after receiving death threats. George Zimmerman is Hispanic and grew up in a multiracial family, the statement says.
CNN's Faith Karimi contributed to this report


#Hillsborough : Thatcher And Murdoch Secret Meeting.

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#Hillsborough : Billy Bragg - The Scousers Never Buy The Sun !

#DaleFarm :ITN, BBC, Sky News granted judicial review into court decision to force them to hand Dale Farm footage to police

More to follow....

#Extradition #Russia : Prosecutors Send Extradition Request to U.K. for Former Bank of Moscow Head Borodin

The Moscow Times
The Prosecutor General's office has sent a formal request to their British counterparts for the extradition of former Bank of Moscow head Andrei Borodin, who faces four major charges relating to the theft of millions of dollars in bank funds, RIA-Novosti reported Friday.
Prosecutor spokeswoman Marina Gridnyeva said a request was sent to United Kingdom authorities immediately after Borodin's whereabouts were established.

Borodin fled to London last year after state-owned VTB gained control of the heavily indebted Bank of Moscow and has been on an international wanted list. He has said the charges against him are politically motivated.

Read more:
The Moscow Times

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#Hillsborough : The Drip Drip Feed Of Information Begins - Screams Cover-Up ! Discussion Forum If You Wish To Join The Debate

Hillsborough: Thatcher was told drunk fans caused disaster, leaked papers sayBy Jon Manel

BBC Radio 4

Mrs Thatcher was told drunk fans caused Hillsborough, documents say

Former PM Margaret Thatcher was told a senior Merseyside police officer blamed "drunken Liverpool fans" for causing the Hillsborough disaster, confidential government documents have revealed.

The BBC has seen leaked briefings about Britain's worst sports tragedy.

Ninety-six football fans died after a crush on overcrowded terraces at an FA Cup Semi Final in April 1989.

The official inquiry said the disaster was caused by the failure in crowd control by South Yorkshire Police.

Letters to and from 10 Downing Street and cabinet minutes that show what Mrs, now Lady, Thatcher was discussing and being told behind the scenes have been made public for the first time by BBC Radio 4's The World at One.

For years, the families of those who died have been calling for the release of secret government and police papers relating to the disaster.

The government has agreed that this will happen.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel, set up in 2009, is reviewing hundreds of documents but they are not expected to be made available to the families of those who died or to the wider public until later this year.

It is thought there will be thousands of pages to sift through.

The most controversial issue in the papers that the BBC has seen relates to what Mrs Thatcher was being told about the views of some senior members of the Merseyside Police Force.

'Deeply ashamed'

They are contained in a letter sent to the prime minister from a member of her policy unit in Downing Street. Four days after the disaster, the adviser attended a long planned meeting with the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, the late Sir Kenneth Oxford, and some of his senior colleagues.

Today's revelations do not constitute a 'smoking gun' but do add to public knowledge about the political reaction to these terrible events”
Martin Rosenbaum
BBC Freedom of Information expert

Martin on the Hillsborough papers

It is important to bear in mind that this was written just days after the Hillsborough disaster and the views of the chief constable and those of his senior officers may well have changed over the subsequent weeks.

According to the letter, the Merseyside chief constable said: "A key factor in causing the disaster was the fact that large numbers of Liverpool fans had turned up without tickets.

"This was getting lost sight of in attempts to blame the police, the football authorities, etc."

The prime minister was informed that a senior member of the Merseyside Police directly blamed supporters: "One officer, born and bred in Liverpool, said that he was deeply ashamed to say that it was drunken Liverpool fans who had caused this disaster, just as they had caused the deaths at Heysel."

This officer is not named.

Hundreds were injured and 39 supporters died when rioting Liverpool fans charged Juventus fans before the 1985 European Cup Final at the Heysel stadium on 29 May 1985.

Margaret Aspinall, whose teenage son James died in the Hillsborough disaster, described the comments made by the unnamed senior officer as "appalling" and "offensive".

"We knew things were going on behind closed doors, we've always known that. It doesn't surprise me in a sense... but I'm surprised by the content," the chairwoman of the Hillsborough Families Support Group said of the briefings.

More of the views of the chief constable are also referred to in the files: "He deplored the press's morbid concentration on pictures of bodies. He was also uneasy about the way in which Anfield was being turned into a shrine."

'Truth must come out'

There is nothing in the documents the BBC has seen about any briefings from South Yorkshire Police. It is possible more will become known about that when many other confidential papers are officially released in a few months time.

The government has promised to release files relating to Margaret Thatcher and Hillsborough
Instead, we have learnt about the controversial views of some of Liverpool's own senior police officers and how, just days after the disaster, they were being passed on directly to 10 Downing Street and to Mrs Thatcher.

Sheila Coleman, from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, said: "We are really concerned that the emphasis is totally on Merseyside Police here and not on South Yorkshire Police, and that makes us very suspicious of how this information was leaked.

"We find it a strange coincidence that this information was leaked only days after we found out the (Hillsborough Independent) panel are not going to report until the autumn."

A spokesman for the panel said it could not comment on leaked documents.

Andy Burnham, Labour MP for Leigh, Greater Manchester, who has campaigned for the Hillsborough families, said: "The truth must be told and the people of Liverpool must have an apology for one of the biggest injustices of the 20th Century."

Other Downing Street papers seen by the BBC provide an insight into what the prime minister was saying and discussing with her cabinet colleagues in the days after Hillsborough.

The main issue of discussion contained in these documents was the effect the disaster was going to have on controversial legislation aimed at controlling the behaviour of football fans.

The Football Spectators' Bill was already going through Parliament. The government was determined to continue with it, in order to introduce a national membership scheme for the sport. This would have brought in what were dubbed as identity cards for football fans.

According to the conclusions of the first cabinet meeting to take place after the disaster, Mrs Thatcher told her ministers that the situation on crowd safety and hooliganism at football matches "cried out for action".

The government wanted the legislation to be passed in time for the following year's World Cup finals in Italy - to reduce the prospect of crowd trouble. The meeting also discussed using it to bring in any interim recommendations from the Hillsborough Inquiry.

'Gravest matter'

In another meeting with senior cabinet colleagues which took place on the same day, the prime minister said: "To abstain from taking action… would be the gravest possible matter, now that the need for this action had been so conclusively demonstrated."

Bereaved families have been calling for the release of secret government and police papers about the disaster
Five days later, Home Secretary Douglas Hurd met the man conducting the official inquiry into Hillsborough, Lord Justice Taylor.

A letter written by a civil servant at the Home Office says Mr Hurd told the judge about the government's proposed new timetable to get the football spectators' legislation passed by Parliament.

He then asked Lord Justice Taylor what he would say if the government went ahead with this and then asked "…whether he was really quite sure that it was out of the question to form and express a view on the subject of membership cards in the three and a half months… between the start of the inquiry… and the end of August?"

According to the letter, Lord Justice Taylor told him that "this was possible, but he was not confident that it could be achieved".

He said his priority was establishing the facts of what had happened at Hillsborough and could not promise to come up with any recommendations on membership cards in time to fit in with the government's political schedule.

The prime minister was told what had happened in a briefing note from her principal private secretary, who informed her: "Lord Justice Taylor was distinctly unhelpful."

In the end, the government did press ahead with its plans and the law was passed. However, the following year, in his report, Lord Justice Taylor said he had "grave doubts" about the feasibility of football membership cards and "serious misgivings" about the scheme's likely impact on safety. As a result of his concerns, the government dropped the scheme and it was never implemented.

#GoldmanSachs : Video - Executive Shocked at How Evil the Company is

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From the Majority Report, live M-F 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM:
Goldman Sachs Executive Greg Smith ripped the company today in a very public resignation later 'Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs' published in the New York Times. only took him 12 years to realize these things?

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#IKEA Spying :Ikea accused of hiring detectives to spy on dissatisfied customers in France

Swedish furniture chain says police have searched headquarters in France over allegations of illegal surveillance

Ikea is said to have spied on employees and customers who made complaints. Photograph: Peter Morrison/AP

Ikea is at the centre of a spying investigation in France over allegations that it paid private detectives to snoop on workers and pry into the private lives of disgruntled customers who complained about late kitchen deliveries or faulty wardrobe parts.
The Swedish chain, which presents itself as the friendly face of affordable furnishing, said police searched its French headquarters and the home of its head of risk management last Friday, examining computers and seizing documents as part of a preliminary judicial inquiry into alleged illegal surveillance practices.
Two French trade unions have filed legal complaints against Ikea for allegedly spying on employees by fraudulently obtaining police files. The investigative newspaper Le Canard Enchainé has published emails allegedly exchanged between Ikea's management in France and a private security firm which it claimed was charged with digging up personal information on employees and unhappy shoppers who were in litigation with the company.
The firm is alleged to have requested a range of personal data including criminal records and confidential details of any dealings with the justice system. It said scores of people had been targeted, including a union leader.
The investigative website Mediapart then detailed the cases of three customers it said were investigated by private detectives at Ikea's request after they complained about a late delivery of a kitchen and a faulty piece in a self-assembly wardrobe. Hanna and Franck F, a couple who live in the US, went to an Ikea store outside Paris in November 2006 and bought a kitchen, beds, a toilet and pieces of furniture for their holiday home in Brittany. Delivery was scheduled for December, but the final pieces were only delivered in February, they said. "In all our lives, we've never been so badly treated by a company," Hanna wrote to Ikea, complaining about the eight-week delay and demanding to be compensated for having to stay in a B&B while they waited.
Ikea compensated her, but during its dealings with the couple, the company allegedly asked a private security firm to investigate their "morality", looking into property ownership, phone details and confidential police records.
Jerome P, a 35-year-old estate agent, bought an Ikea wardrobe for his office in 2008, but found some of the wooden pieces were wonky and complained. Mediapart said senior Ikea staff had ordered a security firm to investigate him.
The daily Libération described a climate of tension among staff, quoting one trade unionist who said a new security head had installed cameras all over shops pointing chiefly at workers. One senior member of staff countered that it was because shops were often located in troubled areas where cars had been burned.
Following the first media stories on spying, Ikea France last month launched an internal investigation run by an international legal firm, saying all media reports would be taken "extremely seriously" and there would be full co-operation with the state prosecutor's investigation. Three staff-members were placed on leave of absence pending the inquiry.
"The company's ethical rules are very clear: we work with honesty and transparency, in whatever country we're present," Ikea said in a statement. "Respect for people's private lives is among the most strongly held values of the group and we strongly disapprove of any practice which calls that into question."
The firm said its own internal investigation would determine what, if anything, had taken place but that investigation was not an admission that these practices had occurred. The company would not comment further until its own inquiry was complete.

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#PoliceState - #Olympics 2012 LOCKDOWN ! - The Future England Will Then Become A Police State..

London 2012 will see the UK's biggest mobilisation of military and security forces since the second world war and the effects will linger long after the athletes have left
Around 13,500 troops will be deployed at the London 2012 Olympics, more than are ­currently at war in Afghanistan. Photograph: Locog/EPA
As a metaphor for the London Olympics, it could hardly be more stark. The much-derided "Wenlock" Olympic mascot is now available in London Olympic stores dressed as a Metropolitan police officer.

For £10.25 you, too, can own the ultimate symbol of the Games: a member of by far the biggest and most expensive security operation in recent British history packaged as tourist commodity.

Eerily, his single panoptic-style eye, peering out from beneath the police helmet, is reminiscent of the all-seeing eye of God so commonly depicted at the top of Enlightenment paintings.

 In these, God's eye maintained a custodial and omniscient surveillance on His unruly subjects far below on terra firma.

The imminent Olympics will take place in a city still recovering from riots that the Guardian-LSE Reading the Riots project showed were partly fuelled by resentment at their lavish cost.

Last week, the UK spending watchdog warned that the overall costs of the Games were set to be at least £11bn – £2 bn over even recently inflated budgets. When major infrastructure projects such as Crossrail, speeded up for the Games, are factored in, the figure may be as high as £24bn, according to Sky News.

The estimated cost put forward only seven years ago when the Games were won was £2.37 bn.

With the required numbers of security staff more than doubling in the last year, estimates of the Games' immediate security costs have doubled from £282m to £553m. Even these figures are likely to end up as dramatic underestimates: the final security budget of the 2004 Athens Olympics were around £1bn.

All this in a city convulsed by massive welfare, housing benefit and legal aid cuts, spiralling unemployment and rising social protests.

It is darkly ironic, indeed, that large swaths of London and the UK are being thrown into ever deeper insecurity while being asked to pay for a massive security operation, of unprecedented scale, largely to protect wealthy and powerful people and corporations.

Critics of the Olympics have not been slow to point out the dark ironies surrounding the police Wenlock figure. "Water cannon and steel cordon sold separately," mocks Dan Hancox on the influential Games Monitor website. "Baton rounds may be unsuitable for small children." more

No Extradition from the UK to death-penalty states - Please Sign The Petition. Thank-you

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#NEWPORT : Travellers Have Moved On To Another Illegal Site!

A document leaked to the Argus states the Tatton Road site, which is unused land amongst industrial units and does not have residential planning consent, was identified as being suitable subject to some security and safety works being completed.

The document states a number of businesses in the area had contacted the Welsh Government in respect of the new encampment and have been told it is to be “tolerated”, but agreed it would monitor the situation to ensure those living there did not become a nuisance.
All four Lliswerry councillors hit out at the lack of consultation over the new Gipsy camp.
Cllr John Richards said he was “greatly concerned” by the way the Welsh Government had dealt with the issue and is angry at the use of the Tatton Road site as it does not have planning more

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Bill Gates:Video -131 Children Vaccinated At Gunpoint - Does Gates Approve ?

by Ginger Taylor

Adventures in Autism

The Malawi Voice is reporting that a group of families who took their children out of the country, to Mozambique, to avoid the free measles vaccine that was being distributed, were rounded up by police and vaccinated at gunpoint upon returning to the country.

The vaccine safety/choice community has been hearing reports of this happening in Africa for more than a year now, but this is the first official story that I have heard thus far and thus been able to report. In this case the District Health Officer himself, Dr. Matchaya, freely admitted to the newspaper that this was done.
“According to Dr. Medison Matchaya District Health Officer for Nsanje, medics went to vaccinate the children in Nsanje under police escort.
“We were alerted that some children who were hiding in Mozambique were back in the country and we asked police to escort the health officials in order to vaccinate them and we have managed to vaccinate about 131 children,” said Matchaya.
This week, Bill Gates, working on another round of publicity for his “Year of the Vaccines” campaign (which just happens to fall on the year that he became an owner of a vaccine company, funny that) has declared at the GAVI meeting that the world needs to work toward “vaccine equity”. He wants every child on the planet vaccinated. (Which in my book only matters when he is of course elected King of the World, which he hasn’t been.

Gates is not even a doctor, but just some guy who dropped out of college and made a bunch of cash on his buggy software via pushy business practices. I am more qualified to give medical advice than Gates is.) more

Friday, March 2, 2012

#Microchip TRAINING Course !!!! Sat 24th March 2012

Micro-ID, Rock Lodge Vineyard, Scaynes Hill, RH17 7NG

  • For the last 20 years the implantable microchip has remained virtually unchanged until now! Micro-ID is proud to introduce the new “Mini Chip” an 8.5mm X 1.4mm glass encapsulated microchip with a needle gauge 44% smaller than the standard 12mm X 2mm microchip.

    You can now train to use the mini chip for only £90 per person (RRP £150)

    For more information about this or other courses please contact our offices on 01444 831500 or email



    #France - #GOOGLE Sued - Oh! Oui Oui !!!!

    A Frenchman took Google to court on Thursday over a photo published online by its Street View application showing him urinating in his front yard which he believes has made him the laughing stock of his village in rural northwest France.

    The man, who is aged around 50 and lives in a village of some 3,000 people in the Maine-et-Loire region, is demanding the removal of the photo, in which locals have recognised him despite his face being blurred out.

    He also wants 10,000 euros ($13,300) in damages.

    "Everyone has the right to a degree of secrecy," his lawyer, Jean-Noel Bouillard, told Reuters. "In this particular case, it's more amusing than serious. But if he'd been caught kissing a woman other than his wife, he would have had the same issue."

    Google Inc.'s Street View, covering some 30 countries and available in France since 2008, enables users of Google Maps to also view photos of streets taken by its camera cars, which have cameras hoisted on frames on their roofs.

    The man thought he was hidden from view by his closed gate as he relieved himself in November 2010. But Google's lens caught him from above his gate as it passed by. Bouillard did not explain why the man chose to urinate outside.

    Google's lawyer in the case, named by local daily Ouest France as Christophe Bigot, was not immediately reachable, but the newspaper said he was pleading that the case should be declared null and void.

    The court, in the nearby city of Angers, is due to give its verdict on March 15. ($1 = 0.7501 euros) (Reporting by Guillaume Frouin; Writing by Catherine Bremer; Editing by Myra MacDonald)

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    Assessing #ACTA: My Appearance Before the European Parliament INTA Workshop on ACTA

    by Michael Geist

    The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has mushroomed into a massive political issue in Europe in recent weeks with protests in hundreds of cities across the continent. Much of the focus has been on whether the European Parliament will give its approval to the agreement. The focal point of attention within the EP has been on the INTA committee, which holds a public workshop on the issue today. Interest in the workshop has been incredible - there are apparently 800 registrants with thousands more expected to watch the live more

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    Conservative Andrew Breitbart has died at age 43, his website and editor say:

    Conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart has died, according to his website Big Government. He was 43.

    “With a terrible feeling of pain and loss we announce the passing of Andrew Breitbart,” the website reported Thursday morning.

    The cause of death was not immediately revealed.

    “Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles,” the Big Government post read. “We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.”

    It continued: “Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.”

    Joel B. Pollak, the editor-in-chief and in-house counsel at, confirmed the news in an email to The Daily Caller. Katie Bosland, an ABC producer, tweets, “LA Coroner’s office has confirmed to @ABC that Andrew Breitbart passed away last night at UCLA Medical Center.”

    Pollak said he couldn’t immediately provide more details on Breitbart’s passing.

    Read more:

    #LibelReform :UPDATE - On Libel reform In England

    Dear Friends

    We understand that the Government will publish a statement tomorrow in response to Parliament’s Joint Scrutiny Committee report on the Draft Defamation Bill.

    We think it will fall short of the vital reforms the Libel Reform Campaign, together with many of you, has been calling for.

    We are pleased that the Government is committed to bringing forward legislation, which is testament to your support and to all of you that have provided evidence and shared your experiences about the impact that the current libel laws are having.

    However, we need to ensure that concerns are met on companies’ use of libel laws, internet publishing and the multiple publication rule, libel tourism, the need for a public interest defence and a strengthened defence of fair comment, and hurdles to prevent trivial cases. We will publish an initial response to the Government’s statement tomorrow on

    The Libel Reform Campaign will continue to work constructively with Government to persuade them that they can meet their manifesto commitments. We hope you will continue to work with us to make sure this is the case.

    Best wishes

    Síle and Mike

    #Dublin #Eviction - Constitution Halts Sheriff

    Uploaded by on 21 Feb 2012
    Meeting this Wednesday 29th at 8pm in the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin

    Judges in the U.S.A. have decided Ben Gilroy is RIGHT! - The Morning Show - 24th (today's show - Ben Gilroy is on)
    On the 20 February 2012 the deputy Sheriff arrived at another Irish family's home to repossess it and give the keys to the bank in Co Laois. Thus putting another Irish family onto the streets.
    People from
    and everyone else that was there.
    Ben Gilroy from "Freedom From All" questions the sheriff outside the gates to the house and does an interview at the end of the video.
    Who is Ben Gilroy? (
    We would like to applaud both the Sheriff and the An Garda Síochána for there civil manner and understanding of the Constitutional challenges being put forward.

    This video is released under the
    I hereby release this video under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
    Please do not edited the content but feel free to Redistribute.
    Download, Show at public meetings etc. (You get the idea)
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