Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#UK #Goverment #Censor Footage From Portugal

Footage censored for British public viewing, you can clearly hear Gerry McCann say that YES he will return for the reconstruction to re-open the case, when pressed by the Portuguese reporter he is asked 'will you do that, will you go TODAY and do this to help find Maddie' ?... McCann replies that yes he will if it helps...FOOTAGE CUT - WHY....WHY was this information censored ? Why are the British Goverment so involved with the disappearance of this child that it has to censor? Why do the British Goverment permit the McCanns to carry on with the lie that no one is searching for Madeleine when all the McCanns have to do is ask for the case to be re-opened as you have witnessed for yourself.

There is also the question of the FUND, money that is NOT used to search for a missing child but used to pay ever mounting court fees to gag people by the McCanns lawyers Carter Ruck if they dare to question their version of an abduction. If the McCanns ask for the case to be re-opened the FUND will end.

The Goverment accomplices, by continuing to censor information so the decent people of England never know the truth and continue to pay into a fund that needs to be seriously questioned!