Sunday, January 15, 2012

#SOPA : The Music Industry Is Suing Ireland!

THE MUSIC INDUSTRY is suing Ireland over its alleged failure to adopt legislation in support of aspects of EU copyright law that would protect its content.
The music cartel is overly fond of suing people, and when it isn't reissuing classic albums, compilations, and autotune showcases, it brandishes lawyers like porcupines rattle their quills.
According to the Activepolitic web site Ireland is its latest target. Ireland is being sued by EMI Records Ireland, Sony BMG, Universal and Warner Music, apparently because it has been slow to implement European rules that prohibit filesharing.
According to a very brief note on the Irish High Courts filing page, the plaintiffs filed a complaint on 10 January in a case entitled EMI RECORDS [IRELAND] LTD & ORS -V- IRELAND & ANOR 2012/146.