Wednesday, January 4, 2012

UK Goverment Censor You Tube Videos

 United Kingdom

An unknown number of videos have been removed at the request of the British Government during 2011, including a video of right-wing politician Roger Hayes challenging Liverpool City Council in Birkenhead on 7th March 2011.
[55] A recent video of The Wright Stuff was also flagged on YouTube for censorship by the government, claiming that it has infringed copyright.

It involved a caller talking about the census and his involvement with the rapidly spreading lawful rebellion movement in Great Britain.

He spoke of actions such as sending a no contract/return to sender message back to the government.

There has also been a greater level of concern over the government continuing to censor YouTube videos which contain information on lawful rebellion, which operates via old and active laws, such as the Magna Carta originally penned in 1215.[56]