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DEWANI: The last phone call to Annis parents...and Shrien admits the taxi was booked through his secretary in England which explains why when asked if he had the registration number of the car he said he would have to ring his family for it. Tonga met him at the airport but it would be the registration number Shrien would check to make sure he had the taxi he had booked..Shrien it would appear is a very careful man and aware of the dangers of stepping into a strangers car, he checked and made sure.,NOT the type to take risks and go into a township at 11 pm at night. Shrien Dewani, has a case to answer.

Jo Yeates: Why did Greg wait four hours before contacting police ?

Joanna Yeates: police await postmortem resultsPolice are treating the landscape architect's death as suspicious, but have not yet released details of a possible cause

Share Steven Morris and Peter Walker, Monday 27 December 2010 13.07 GMT Article history
Joanna Yeates at her graduation in November. Photograph: Handout/PA

Police were today awaiting the results of a postmortem examination on the body of Joanna Yeates, whose snow-covered remains were found on a roadside verge outside Bristol eight days after she disappeared.

Avon and Somerset police are treating the 25-year-old landscape architect's death as suspicious but have not released any more details about the possible cause.

However, it is understood that there were no obvious injuries to Yeates's body. One possibility that police have not eliminated is that she was dumped by the side of the road while still alive and could have died of hypothermia.

More should be known from the results of the postmortem which are expected later today. The examination has proved difficult because Yeates's remains were frozen. Officers are carrying out fingertip searches of the area around the verge at Longwood Lane, Failand, near Long Ashton, where the body was found, clothed and covered in snow, on Christmas morning. The location, next to a quarry and between two golf courses, is three miles from her flat in the Clifton area of Bristol.

Detectives appealed for witnesses who had seen anyone acting suspiciously near the scene. They are also to study CCTV footage from cameras that cover the roads between Yeates's home and Failand.

The most direct route from the flat, which Yeates shared with her boyfriend, Greg Reardon, in Canynge Road, takes in the Clifton bridge, but there are many other ways of getting out of the city.

Yeates vanished on 17 December after leaving a pub in Bristol, where she had been drinking with work colleagues. Reardon reported her missing two days later on his return from a weekend away. The disappearance prompted a police search, but the family's worst fears were realised when a couple walking their dogs found the body.

Yesterday, police confirmed the body was that of Yeates.

An Avon and Somerset police spokesman said: "While a formal identification procedure is yet to be completed, police are satisfied that the body is that of landscape architect Joanna Yeates, who went missing during the weekend before Christmas."

Police want information to help "fill in the gap between Joanna's disappearance and the discovery of her body".

Yeates was last seen leaving the Ram pub in Park Street in Bristol at about 8pm on 17 December. She shopped in Waitrose on the way – where she was filmed on CCTV – and then rang her best friend to arrange to meet on Christmas Eve.

She went on to the Tesco Express on Regent Street, a quarter of a mile from her flat. Officers released footage of her buying a pizza in the supermarket.

There was no trace of the pizza, the wrapping or the box in the flat, even though other possessions, including her mobile phone, her keys, handbag and coat, were there.

Yeates's father, David, 63, said in some ways it would be a relief if the body found was his daughter's because her family assumed she was dead. If the body was hers, he added, they would be able at least to say goodbye to her properly.

The family believed she had been abducted because of the state the flat was left in, and because of other details that neither they nor the police have yet revealed.

The spokesman added: "Officers are keen to hear from people who may have seen anything or anyone acting suspiciously over the past week in the Longwood Lane area. Police are expected to be continuing their fingertip search throughout today and possibly longer."

Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford said: "Our heartfelt condolences go out to Joanna's family for their loss. We have not stopped working hard throughout the Christmas period to find their daughter after she was reported missing. Now we will work just as hard to discover exactly what happened to her and how she came to be in Longwood Lane on Christmas morning.

"Until the postmortem examination is able to firmly establish how Joanna died, we are keeping an open mind about the cause of her death. However, I would appeal to anyone with any information whatsoever that can help this investigation to please come forward and help us provide Joanna's parents with the answers they so desperately want and need."

Thirty detectives have been working on the investigation, codenamed Operation Braid, and are being assisted by a further 40 staff, including uniformed officers, scenes of crime officers and search teams.

On a Facebook page set up to try to help find Yeates, one friend, Bec Wood, wrote: "Rest in peace Jo. You will always be loved and remembered for being so beautiful, kind, successful, and lovely. You made Greg so happy. Our thoughts are with Greg, your parents and all of your families and friends. We will miss you Jo, and hope that you have peace now."

In her parents' home village of Ampfield in Hampshire, the Rev Peter Gilks said prayers were being said for Yeates and her family.

Gregs mother said they discussed marriage, Jo's dad does not think they did... however their relationship was solid...and still he telephones , he sends text messages...she does not reply...he arrives home, the flat in a state (according to police) and HE STILL waits four hours before raising the alarm.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

JO Yeates..Always the closest is a suspect...yet Police not confirming Greg has a cast iron alibi..this would stop speculation .

She was reported missing in the early hours of the Monday when Mr Reardon, 27, returned from a weekend visit to Sheffield – where he is understood to have been when she was at the pub.

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Do Not Take A
Swine Flu Vaccine!
From Patricia Doyle, PhD


Hello Jeff -
I am making a plea to everyone who reads this, please, please DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE THAT IS PURPORTED TO 'PREVENT' THIS FLU.
Remember 1976 and the so called Swine Flu outbreak that was purported to be a coming pandemic? It only infected recruits at Ft. Dix. Why? Because I believe that the so called Swine Flu virus infected the recruits due to the vaccines they were given. Whether the government developed the Swine Flu 1976 virus and infected the recruits as a means to test the public to see if people would comply with a call to take vaccination against Swine Flu, or the recruits became infected via contaminated vaccine they were given as part of the recruit regimen, that outbreak was as phony as they come. I was one of the people duped into taking a Swine Flu shot and it made me so sick. I was sick in bed for three months after taking the vaccine.
Do not take seasonal flu vaccine if you are told that it could help prevent this brand new Swine Flu variant. It won't do a thing to prevent this flu. What it will do is serve up new genetic material to the Swine Flu virus that I have dubbed Spanish Flu 2, the Sequel. The Spanish Flu variant will use the gene sequences in the vaccine in humans to develop more of the changes that make the virus more readily infect humans. We do not want to give this virus more human genetic material so that it will infect humans more readily person to person. This is what vaccinated individuals do for pandemic strains.
There is also a safety issue in any experimental vaccine, much like the one in 1976. Some people even feel that such a vaccine for pandemic strain might require more than one vaccination which could actually be a binary set up. The first shot might just add some genetic code that stays dormant in the body until one gets the second vaccine shot which then serves to only cause infection. It could trigger Guillain-barre syndrome, Typhus or some other condition.
An Influenza vaccine does not protect or prevent a person from contracting flu. It is purported to, maybe, prevent some complications of flu and maybe shorten duration. I am not even sure it does that. Personally, I feel the vaccine weakens our immune system and also sickens us due to contaminants in the vaccine. I feel that people can better protect themselves by washing hands often and thoroughly. People should also use protective gloves when out and about during epidemics. Don't be afraid of "looking odd." I would not be ashamed to use a mask and gloves. I see that the Mexicans are using them. 
A big problem during a pandemic is that these simple supplies will become extremely scarce awfully quickly. Stock up now. Medical supplies. personal hygene supplies and don't forget fido, or any other pet. Once a pandemic hits, it will be too late to stock up. Water, too.
We may lose clean water and electric power, so be prepared.
Pat Doyle
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics Univ of West Indies Please visit my "Emerging Diseases" message board at: Also my new website: Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa Go with God and in Good Health

DEWANI / Max Clifford allows anti South African slander to protect Shrien Dewani...ONLY a court of law will know if he is innocent or not. Shriens family may think this is clever' tactics' but it is not helping to find the truth

THE WORLD IS TOO BAD...she didnt deserve it
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WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT: Long ago as an idealist child I yelled at a S.A friend of my mother who said apartheid was needed because you have all these tribes who want to kill each other AND YOU (white people). Back then SA was a top industrial nation. No doubt Apartheid was wrong, but look at the murder rates now? The crime rates? Their global standing and standard of living? It would have been better to divide the land into different tribal lands and give "non-affiliated peoples" a little section in the centre.
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'In Khayelitsha they would have definitely raped her And they [the police] would never have found her'

Remind me never to go to SA.

And all of these African and other 'third world' goverments want to be part of a 'civilised' world.?
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How can you have any faith in a medical officer who says 'I dont think she was shot in the hands but I didn't look at them'? This tells us nothing and isn't even a proper autopsy report. South Africa is corrupt and self preserving - easier for them to deny a culture of murder and violence and frame her husband than face the reality of their horrid society and jepodise tourism. Wouldn't go there of you paid me. RIP Anni.
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This is dragging on - poor family.

I hope the truth comes out soon and justice is served.
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To all those who think South Africa is trying to cover up to protect the tourism industry, Why cover up one murder? When there are hundreds every week that are not covered up at all? The whole world knows that South Africa is a violent and crime ridden country, but this is a very suspicious murder. No one in their right mind would go into an African Township at night, it is asking for trouble.
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- UK, UK, 26/12/2010 09:12

For Heaven's sake!!! You cannot blame South Africa for something that went on in Tobago! It's on the other side of the Atlantic
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Why have andrew p bains, Expat, 26/12/2010 09:31 and - UK, UK, 26/12/2010 09:12 got so many red arrows? Surely what they have posted sounds realistic when you take in all the information considering the truth has yet to be revealed.

Elaine- Trying To Keep Warm!, Birmingham UK, 26/12/2010 08:03
Red arrowed for saying that the family dont need to be reading this especially in such a family centric time of year. What was wrong with that?
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Ah, the experts on South Africa arrive with all their in-depth knowledge. *sigh*
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'Nice one DM- I'm sure this is exactly what her family needs to be reading at this time of year. A tad heartless no?'
Elaine- Trying To Keep Warm!,

Maybe her family are grateful for the fact that the evidence suggests she had not been raped - instead had gone quickly and without much pain and/ or fear. I doubt they are enjoying this time of year anyway considering what has happened, but this knowledge might bring them some peace of mind.. Your comment is unnecessary and reductive.
I hope this poor woman rests in peace and justice is found for her murderers.
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Nice one DM- I'm sure this is exactly what her family needs to be reading at this time of year.
A tad heartless no?
- Elaine- Trying To Keep Warm!, Birmingham UK, 26/12/2010 08:03

I think her family are desperate for any information because their life was put on hold when their beautiful daughter was murdered. Do you really think they care what time of year it is?
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Why the red arrows? What parent would want to see the police report detailing their daughters death at this time of year? A time for being with your family and loved ones.

I feel dreadfully sad for them. .
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I too hope this poor lady gets proper justice, who ever did the dastardly deed.
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Unfortunately there is a great deal of corruption in South Africa, but one would assume that everyone knows SA's crime statistics, and as much as South Africa would like to make things look better, trying to prove a foreigner was responsible for one murder is hardly going to do it.

There are guidelines all over the internet on safety precautions when travelling to SA.

This whole thing is very bizarre.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Anni's family, and I hope and pray that those responsible do the time. May she RIP
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Shouldn't cases like this be closed off to the media until the trial is over and people are found guilty or not guilty?

How can a jury or even a judge make a decision with all the reports and speculation? It doesn't matter that will be reviewing evidence and reports submitted - the information reported from the media will still be in the mind.
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The more you read about this, the more it seems obvious that South Africa is trying to frame the Brit to protect there countries tourism. It is more likly that Anni would have been shot in th heart not neck if she was being executed.

Also, eye-witness statments before suggested she could have been sexually assulted because of her clothing.

Seems like a robery that went into a sexual assult and then all went wrong and ended in murder. Then South Africa trying a majory cover up to hide, robbery, rape and murder.

Mr Dewani may struggle clearing his name given and getting true justice for Anni given he's against a nation. Maybe UK police can offer assistance.
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Anyone that is familiar with how the SA government works will know they are capable of anything when it comes to hiding information. Most ministers in South Africa, including the police force are Marxists.

Witnesses said Anni's underwear was pulled down and her dress up. Maybe she fought for her dear life when they said they wanted to rape her. Obviously not happy the woman is fighting back they shot her. If you don't shoot 'someone' deliberately why does the article state about stab wounds in her back? You don't stab someone three times by accident.

Today there's another story in the mail about a couple that got attacked with a machete. The headline read: "We were virtually hacked to death with a machete in Tobago... but all the authorities did was to ask us to tell the world about their 'fantastic' island"

The SA government is VERY sensitive to it's international image. Sacrificing a couple, as Marxism dictates, is a small price to pay in order to protect a country.
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Nice one DM- I'm sure this is exactly what her family needs to be reading at this time of year.

A tad heartless no?
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This is such a tragedy for the parents of this beautiful woman. My heart goes out to them.
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Poor girl.I hope everyone responsible in this is punished and her family get the justice they deserve.
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RIP Anni.

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Jo Yeates body found


One can only sympathise with the family of Joanna Yeates whose body was found today two miles from her home as her family prayed desperately for her safe return.

Joanne went missing just over a week ago in a case that puzzled detectives and whose enquiries centred around a missing pizza she purchased from Tesco on her way home from a drink with colleagues at a local pub.
Since then her family have been distraught with worry and made tearful pleas at a press conference where, perhaps ominously, her father asked for her return whether alive or dead so he could cradle his dear daughter before laying her to rest.
The circumstances of the discovery are still unclear, as is the length of time the body had laid unhidden near a path popular with dog walkers. A couple walking their dogs on Christmas morning made the grim discovery. Police say that a formal identification hasn’t yet been made but all the signs are that it is the body of the missing young architect.
Police are also refusing to speculate on the cause of death leading the media to speculate that the condition of the body is such that the cause of death is uncertain although a murder enquiry is now in operation.
One can only despair at the kind of sick individual who would take a happy, vibrant young woman with a bright and happy future ahead of her and extinguish that life. At this time, especially so as it is Christmas, the thoughts and prayers of the British public are with Jo’s family and her boyfriend as they face future Christmases knowing that they will be the anniversary and hold only tragic memories of the loss of Jo.
One can only hope now that the police use all their powers and resources to bring the evil perpetrator to justice and ensure that young women can again feel safe walking through the streets of Bristol.



The whistle-blowing Web site WikiLeaks has not been convicted of a crime. The Justice Department has not even pressed charges over its disclosure of confidential State Department communications.

 Nonetheless, the financial industry is trying to shut it down.


Visa, MasterCard and PayPal announced in the past few weeks that they would not process any transaction intended for WikiLeaks.

 Earlier this month, Bank of America decided to join the group, arguing that WikiLeaks may be doing things that are “inconsistent with our internal policies for processing payments.”

The Federal Reserve, the banking regulator, allows this. Like other companies, banks can choose whom they do business with.

 Refusing to open an account for some undesirable entity is seen as reasonable risk management. The government even requires banks to keep an eye out for some shady businesses — like drug dealing and money laundering — and refuse to do business with those who engage in them.

But a bank’s ability to block payments to a legal entity raises a troubling prospect. A handful of big banks could potentially bar any organization they disliked from the payments system, essentially cutting them off from the world economy.

The fact of the matter is that banks are not like any other business. They run the payments system. That is one of the main reasons that governments protect them from failure with explicit and implicit guarantees. This makes them look not too unlike other public utilities. A telecommunications company, for example, may not refuse phone or broadband service to an organization it dislikes, arguing that it amounts to risky business.

Our concern is not specifically about payments to WikiLeaks. This isn’t the first time a bank shunned a business on similar risk-management grounds. Banks in Colorado, for instance, have refused to open bank accounts for legal dispensaries of medical marijuana.

Still, there are troubling questions. The decisions to bar the organization came after its founder, Julian Assange, said that next year it will release data revealing corruption in the financial industry. In 2009, Mr. Assange said that WikiLeaks had the hard drive of a Bank of America executive.

What would happen if a clutch of big banks decided that a particularly irksome blogger or other organization was “too risky”? What if they decided — one by one — to shut down financial access to a newspaper that was about to reveal irksome truths about their operations? This decision should not be left solely up to business-as-usual among the banks.

Jo Yeates..Gregs mother says ' there were plans to marry'

It IS Joanna: Police satisfied woman's body found on snowy verge is missing landscape architect

By Mail On Sunday Reporter
Last updated at 1:04 PM on 26th December 2010

  • Results of the post mortem delayed because of the body's 'frozen condition'
  • Architect's devastated family told the news by detectives
  • Anguished boyfriend left in 'absolute pieces' by 25-year-old's death
Police are 'satisfied' a body found yesterday is missing architect Joanna Yeates.

They said at this stage they are treating the death as suspicious, but are waiting on the results of a post mortem examination.

The discovery was made at 9am yesterday by a couple walking their dogs in the Failand area of North Somerset.

An Avon and Somerset police spokesman said: 'We are satisfied the body is Joanna Yeates, but this is pending the results of a post mortem which is not expected for at least 24 hours due to the nature of how she was found in such extreme conditions.'

Joanna and her boyfriend Greg Reardon at a wedding this summer
Joanna and her boyfriend Greg Reardon at a wedding this summer
Police search Longwood Lane near Bristol where Joanna Yeates' body was found yesterday by dog walkers
Police search Longwood Lane near Bristol where Joanna Yeates' body was found yesterday by dog walkers

Police said the formal identification procedure is yet to be completed, but they have spoken to the 25-year-old's family and explained the situation.

Miss Yeates' father said yesterday he 'would be relieved' if the body was his daughter so they would have the opportunity to say goodbye.

David Yeates said: 'Of course we don't know for sure that it's her but we assume that it is.

'Nobody else has been reported missing and it's the body of a young girl close to where Jo disappeared. It hasn't been a Christmas for us. I don't know what it's been. It's been surreal, totally unreal. We're just waiting now for the police to tell us what we suspect.

'In truth we feel like we hope ... we would be relieved if it was her' he told the Sunday Telegraph.

'We don't want to go to our graves wondering where she is and not being given the chance to say goodbye to her.'We assume that she's dead so we'd like to say goodbye ... our lives have gone.'
Police search the area where a dead body was discovered at the edge of Longwood Lane yesterday

David and Theresa Yeates
'Of course we don't know for sure that it's her but we assume that it is... It's been surreal, totally unreal. We're just waiting now for the police to tell us what we suspect,' said David Yeates (above with wife Theresa)

The body was found on a snow-covered verge on a country lane on Christmas morning three miles from where Miss Yeates lived with her boyfriend, Greg Reardon.

The scene in Longwood Lane, close to Bristol and Clifton Golf Club, was sealed off for forensic examination.

The Avon Fire Service helped police remove the body from the scene, which was clothed and covered in snow, in order to preserve the site for a thorough forensic examination.

Police are expected to continue their fingertip search in the Longwood Lane area throughout today.

A post mortem examination has been taking place in Bristol today, but due to the extreme freezing conditions in which Miss Yeates body was found, results are not expected until tomorrow at the earliest.

Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford said: 'Our heartfelt condolences go out to Joanna's family for their loss.

'We have not stopped working hard throughout the Christmas period to find their daughter after she was reported missing.
Where the body was found

Miss Yeates' body was discovered on a grass verge close to the entrance of a quarry outside Bristol
Miss Yeates' body was discovered on a grass verge close to the entrance of a quarry (circled) outside Bristol

'Now we will work just as hard to discover exactly what happened to her and how she came to be in Longwood Lane on Christmas morning.

'Until the post mortem examination is able to firmly establish how Joanna died, we are keeping an open mind about the cause of her death.

'However, I would appeal to anyone with any information whatsoever that can help this investigation to please come forward and help us provide Joanna's parents with the answers they so desperately want and need.'

The last known sighting of Miss Yeates, known to her friends as Jo, was on CCTV as she bought a pizza at a branch of Tesco Express in the Clifton area of Bristol on the evening of December 17.

The university graduate, who worked as a landscape architect for BDP, was making her way home from the Ram pub in Park Street at about 8pm after a night out with work colleagues.
Fire brigade surround the area where Joanna was discovered close to a quarry. They used a crane to shift the body from the scene
Fire brigade surround the area where Joanna was discovered close to a quarry. They used a crane to shift the body from the scene
Police are expected to continue their fingertip search in the Longwood Lane area throughout today
Police are expected to continue their fingertip search in the Longwood Lane area throughout today

CCTV of Joanna Yeates
Last sighting: Joanna Yeates using a self-service checkout in Tesco to buy a £4.50 mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto pizza


Claudia Lawrence
Detectives on the case have been sharing information with the team investigating the disappearance of chef Claudia Lawrence in York.
She has not been seen since March last year.

As in Miss Yeates’s case, Miss Lawrence’s bank cards and other possessions were left at home.

Miss Lawrence’s father Peter said he ‘shared the pain’ of the Yeates family.

Before Saturday’s discovery, he said: ‘I was very distressed to hear of Jo’s disappearance.

‘I have some idea of what they are going through. It’s the not knowing what has happened that is most draining and worrying.’
Jo’s disappearance also bears chilling similarities to that of Melanie Hall, who vanished after leaving a nightclub in Bath in 1996.
Her remains were found dumped on a motorway sliproad in October last year.
On her way home she rang her best friend, Rebecca Scott, to arrange to meet on Christmas Eve.

Her boyfriend, Mr Reardon, 27, reported her missing on Sunday night after returning home to their flat in Canynge Road, Clifton, from a weekend away in Sheffield visiting family.

Friends launched a campaign to find her by putting up posters across Bristol and setting up a website and a page on Facebook and using Twitter.

Officers released footage of her buying the pizza in Tesco, which has become a key part of the investigation.

There was no trace of the pizza, the wrapping or the box in her home - despite the fact that the receipt, the coat she was wearing, and her mobile phone and keys were inside.

Tributes have been paid to Miss Yeates on a facebook page set up to help find her.

Bec Wood wrote: 'Rest In Peace Jo. You will always be loved and remembered for being so beautiful, kind, successful, and lovely. You made Greg so happy. Our thoughts are with Greg, your parents and all of your families and friends. We will miss you Jo, and hope that you have peace now. Love and prayers xxxxxx'

Michael Whitcher added: 'Rest in peace little Jo, we will miss you always. My hearts and thoughts go out to her family, and I am thankful I knew you. God bless xxx'.

Mr Reardon’s mother Lydia said the couple – who had been going out for two years – were planning to marry and buy a house together.

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday last week at her four-bedroom home in Ilfracombe, Devon, Mrs Reardon said Jo and Greg, a fellow architect, were ‘absolutely wonderful’ together.

‘We thought she was the one for Greg,’ said Mrs Reardon.
 ‘She is a lovely, gorgeous girl. Greg has brought her home and she’s stayed with us a few times. They’ve been together for a couple of years now.

‘Greg is so fond of her. We thought that when he finished getting the last of his qualifications they would get engaged. There was some talk of buying a house together in Bristol.

‘She came down to Ilfracombe for a holiday over Whitsun this year and they had a fabulous time together.’
 Mrs Reardon, who works for Waitrose, and her husband John, both 67, said their plans for a family reunion over Christmas had been shattered by Miss Yeates’s disappearance.

A sobbing Mrs Reardon said: ‘They had so much in common. Greg is holding up but he can’t believe it.’

Anyone who can help the investigation can call the Operation Braid incident room on 0845 456 7000 or the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Anguished boyfriend’s sleepless nights

Greg Reardon
Greg Reardon was left in 'absolute pieces' following the disappearance of his girlfriend Jo Yeates

Greg Reardon was left in ‘absolute pieces’ following the disappearance of his girlfriend Jo Yeates.

He had been planning to spend Christmas with her at her parents’ home in Ampfield, Hampshire, then travel to Scotland for Hogmanay.

But last Sunday night, he returned to Bristol after a weekend visiting family in Sheffield to find  she was not at the flat they shared.

Mr Reardon, 27, was clearly distraught as he described at a police Press conference how he returned to the flat but ‘Jo was not home’.

 ‘Over the weekend I’d tried calling and texting her and didn’t get a reply,’ he said. ‘But it wasn’t completely out of character. ‘Then when I arrived home it was obvious our cat had been left on his own and was going mad. I waited up for her until about midnight and then when she didn’t return I started to get really worried.

‘I went through her bag, which she had left on the table, and found it had all the stuff she would need to take with her, things like her purse and her keys. I called the police and reported her missing
and also phoned her parents. Since then I haven’t slept much.
Mr Reardon, who was sitting next to Jo’s parents David and Teresa as he spoke of his anguish,
then started to weep.

Jo was last seen on the Friday night, stopping at two supermarkets in Bristol.

The two met at Hyland Edgar Driver architects’ firm, where they both worked. They began living
together last year and when the firm moved from Winchester to Bristol, they went with it.

Mr Reardon, raised in Derby and a graduate of Manchester University, has been described as a
keen skier and charity fundraiser.

In the wake of his girlfriend’s disappearance he used internet social networking sites to drum up
publicity to help find her.

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Police search the area where a dead body was discovered at the edge of Longwood Lane yesterday

ASSANGE / US stitching him up the legal way

Jo Yeates ..Sobbing boyfriend ' I want my Jo back '

McCanns did they sedate their children? body language says they did...also amusing that the McCanns claim to have answered all questions....48 unanswered by Kate McCann. Reconstruction waiting to be carried out.Dr.David Payne needed to be questioned about paedophile allegations...Mccanns now accusing WIKILEAKS of false documents about their involvement in Madeleines disappearance...Gerry McCanns sister now begging for legal aid and financial benefits for her brother Gerry.

ASSANGE signs book deal...

Julian Assange signs USD 1.5 million book deal

London, Dec 26 : WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, fighting a sex crime charge in Sweden, has signed a USD 1.5 million deal for writing his autobiography, Sunday Times here reported.

Assange told Britain's Sunday Times about the deal and hoped that the money would go in fighting the cases of sexual assaults in Sweden slapped on him.

"I don't want to write this book, but I have to, I have already spent 200,000 pounds for legal costs and I need to defend myself and to keep WikiLeaks afloat," he told the paper in an interview.

The 39-year-old Australian has been released on conditional bail on Dec 16, and put in house arrest. He had earlier surrendered to British police.

After being released by London's High Court Assange told reporters that he was happy with fresh air and would continue to fight to prove his innocence.

"This has been a very successful smear campaign and a very wrong one," he told BBC after his release.

He was quoted in Sunday Times saying that he would receive 800,000 dollars (600,000 euros) from Alfred A. Knopf, his American publisher, and 325,000 pounds (380,000 euros, 500,000 dollars) from a British deal with Canongate.

His Swedish extradition hearing is scheduled on Feb 7.

Assange founded the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website in 2006 and serves on its advisory board.

In 2010, he published classified details about American involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But all hell broke loose when on Nov 28 WikiLeaks and its five media partners began publishing secret US diplomatic cables, a move that embarrassed USA before the world and undermined its diplomatic missions.

The White House has called Assange's release of the diplomatic cables "reckless and dangerous".

Jo Yeates...suffering headaches in the past week

DEWANI: Extradition enquiry set for January 20th

Jo Yeates...confirmation her body found.

WIKILEAKS / US Wiretapping

Jo Yeates..My thoughts today are with Jo and her mum and dad....I wish you peace Jo but not until justice has been served.

WIKILEAKS US revenge against EUROPE

Jo Yeates... PM will reveal if Jo ate the pizza...and the quantity, from this forensic can deduce of the pizza was shared with another person.

Boyfriend of missing architect: we hoped to be together forever

Comment: The words a boyfriend should now be saying and not before....

The boyfriend of a young landscape architect who vanished nearly a week ago has spoken of their plans for the future and his hopes that they would be together forever.

Boyfriend of missing architect: we hoped to be together forever
Greg Reardon with his girlfriend Joanna Yeates  Photo: SWNS
Greg Reardon made an emotional appeal for the safe return of Joanna Yeates, 25, his girlfriend of two years.
He said: “I desperately want her back. I thought we would be together forever.”
Police said they were “completely baffled” by the disappearance of Miss Yeates, known as Jo to her friends, who was last seen leaving the Ram pub in the centre of Bristol at 8pm on Friday after a Christmas drink with colleagues.
Mr Reardon, 27, also an architect, reported his girlfriend missing when he returned to the one bedroom flat they shared in the affluent Clifton area of the city on Sunday night, after visiting his family in Sheffield.
Yesterday, a tearful Mr Reardon recalled the couple’s shared passion for surfing as he made his appeal at the home in Ampfield, Hants, of Miss Yeates’s parents, David, 63, an IT worker, and his wife, Theresa, 58, a Waitrose supermarket cashier.
He said of Miss Yeates: “She was my future. She was the first ever girlfriend I moved in with and we had just celebrated our two year anniversary.
"Recently we moved in to a really nice flat together in Bristol in probably the best area of the city.
"It's our second place together and things felt like they were really falling into place.
"We were both really happy in our jobs, we worked together and that's how we met.
"This Christmas was going to be our first together. I was going to stay with her family, which is always a big deal for a boyfriend, for about a week, and then head up to Scotland for New Year's Eve for Hogmanay.”
He added: "We were at that stage where we had been going out for a couple of years, we had moved in together, and everything was really positive.
"She was really looking forward to Christmas, we had put up a tree and she was due to bake some mince pies.”
Mr Reardon realized his girlfriend was missing when he returned on Sunday night and found their cat, Bernard, “going mad” on its own.
“I went through her bag, which she had left on the table, and found it had all the stuff she would need to take with her, things like her purse and her keys.”
Mr Reardon said he was “constantly” on the internet, trying to raise awareness.
CCTV images show Miss Yeates visiting Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets in Clifton as she walked home. The cream coat she is pictured wearing was found at the flat along with a Tesco receipt.
Det Supt Mark Saunders, who is in charge of the investigation, said: “It is completely baffling. She is a professional person. This is completely out of character.”

DEWANI: Tongos family ties..

Tongo’s family ties

Zola Tongo.
Zola Robert Tongo’s distraught mother and relatives plan to visit him at a Malmesbury prison on Saturday to find out why he helped plan honeymoon tourist Anni Dewani’s murder.

“We want to hear directly from him why he did it. We want it from the horse’s mouth. So far all we know is what came out in court,” Tongo’s aunt said yesterday.

She asked that her name and the names of Tongo’s relatives be withheld as the family feared residents of Gugulethu, where the Dewani’s were hijacked while being driven by Tongo, would target them.

Tongo’s mother was too distraught to speak to the Cape Times yesterday.

Three days ago Tongo, 31, a father of five from Bothasig, pleaded guilty in the Western Cape High Court to charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery with aggravated circumstances and obstructing the administration of justice.

He was sentenced to 18 years in jail.

In court documents Tongo said he had been struggling financially and, when Shrien Dewani had approached him with an offer of R15 000 if he helped orchestrate his wife’s murder, Tongo had agreed.

Yesterday the aunt said the family was reeling in shock following Tuesday’s sentencing.

“We’re not okay. Earlier I went to the shop and just started crying,” she said.

The aunt said that shortly before Anni Dewani’s murder her 15-year-old nephew had been killed when he was stabbed 15 times.

The family had heard about Anni Dewani’s murder, which happened on November 13, around the time they had buried the teenager.

They had felt sorry for the Dewani family who were suffering a loss similar to theirs, and had not connected Tongo to the incident.

“Zola’s a very quiet person. He never really says much. He kept to himself. He’s a hard worker. The last time I saw him was some time in June,” the aunt said.

Only when Tongo’s name had appeared in newspapers, which said he had been driving the Dewanis around when the hijacking took place, did his family realise he was linked to the incident.

“He didn’t say anything about it to us.”

The aunt said her nephew was arrested five days after Dewani’s murder.

“We were devastated. His mother collapsed and was admitted to hospital. She was discharged the next day. She’s not coping. None of us is coping. Zola’s 15-year-old sister is distraught. She was writing exams but was so, so traumatised,” she said.

The aunt said Tongo, “a very good person”, had always been a hard worker and had appeared to be well off.

“He was always driving a posh car. I don’t know what went wrong.”

Neither she nor other family members were aware of any financial difficulties.

The documents said Tongo financially supported his sister and had supplemented his mother’s income. She worked as a domestic worker.

The aunt said Tongo had once been married but had divorced. He had been living with a girlfriend at the time of Dewani’s murder.

The aunt did not know what would happen to his five children, aged 10, two aged five, a three-year-old and an infant. - Cape Times

Saturday, December 25, 2010


More info about the sleaze and general corruption of the George W Bush years. We knew about Enron ., the biggest exposure of corruption in corporate history and how Bush was buddies with the CEO. Would be great if we could get the Bush family's background and history on their Big Oil dealings. Also more exposure of Bush Senior's connections with the Bin Laden family.

Hopefully soon a massive exposure of the double dealings of the Corporate Banking World, including GoldmanSachs, the Fed, Bank of America,Bank of England and Deuche Bank. Not forgetting Big Oil(we are already are getting info on them) I am sure there are many things which our diplomats would not dare to gossip about on the cables. The big one would be exposure of the subterfuge leading up to

Bush's "War on Terror" a terminology that Obama does not like to use anymore, yet a whole excuse for even the liberal American media to never question anymore , American foreign policy or the demeaning of the American Constitution. Likewise in the UK.

Further exposure at what happens in the confines of the richest Land Lords on the planet , The Vatican also connecting this to their banking.

I think a big exposure of the Banking sector , could be their connection with money laundering of the biggest Mafia Drug Cartels.

WIKILEAKS / McCanns accuse ASSANGE of false documents

The good doctors did not like what WIKILEAKS had to say. I have asked the Guardian to do a seach on the Gaspar statements, you never know your luck ,or in the McCanns case misfortune. McCanns also forgetting British profiler Lee Rainbow who insisted Gerry McCann be investigated for homicide.

Gerry and Kate McCann sent a statement to the Portuguese media after Wikileaks published “news” last week about the investigation.  Below is the statement:
“The speculations that have been published about our daughter’s disappearance as referred to on WikiLeaks forces us to take the following position:
  1. WikiLeaks website has published a summary of an alleged telegram exchanged between USA and UK Ambassadors. This summary does not contain any new or relevant facts that will lead us to the discovery of what happened to our daughter.
  2. If the mentioned telegram does exist, its content only tells that the British Police developed in September 2007  (we believe that to be the date of the correspondence exchange) information regarding our responsibility in the disappearance of our daughter.
  3. We recall that on that date the team coordinated by Gonçalo Amaral was still investigating the case, having produced a report incriminating both of us.  That report was not supported by evidences that validated his allegations so due to the absence of any incriminating evidence about us, the case was filed after eight months of further investigation.
  4. Presumably, if any correspondence summarized by WikiLeaks does exist, it is based on the circumstances that arose in the investigation at that time since we do not know that there has been any further investigation besides the one that we all know about – and in the process there isn’t any information to the contrary.
  5. Once again, the ex-inspector Gonçalo Amaral has seized the opening given by the Portuguese media for his thesis, producing deeply hurtful insinuations and citing the investigations’ defects.  Defects in the investigation that he coordinated and which didn’t achieve any useful results for our daughter.
  6. These speculations are periodically brought to public opinion by that former employee of the PJ, accompanied by threats to reopen the case on his own initiative.
Comment: I think for the first time the McCanns have told the truth , it would indeed be a great threat to them if the case were to be re-opened.
  1. When he claims publicly that he knows what is still to be done on the investigation and if “what is still to be done” is the investigation of facts, documents, data or real and concrete information that lead to Madeleine’s whereabouts, discovery or even the reason for her disappearance, he has the obligation to present it for the procedure to reopen the investigation,  in which we are most interested.
  2. We are aware that Madeleine’s disappearance is an inexhaustible source of enrichment to Gonçalo Amaral by means of false accusations, deeply offensive and harmful to the investigation itself, so we appeal to journalists’ critical sense to sort out what is journalistic information and what is speculation, surgically oriented, to obtain easy profits.
15th December 2010
Kate e Gerry McCann”

Depois das “notícias” divulgadas pelo WikiLeaks, acerca da investigação, a semana passada, Gerry e Kate McCann enviaram uma declaração à imprensa, que reproduzimos de seguida:
“As especulações que têm vindo a ser publicadas sobre a referência à publicação da WikiLeaks relativa ao caso do desaparecimento da nossa filha Madeleine, obrigam-nos a tomar a seguinte posição:
  1. O site da WikiLeaks publicou um resumo de um suposto telegrama trocado entre os Embaixadores dos EUA e Reino Unido. Esse resumo não contém factos novos, com interesse para a descoberta do que aconteceu com a nossa filha.
  2. Caso o mencionado telegrama exista, diz-nos apenas o conteúdo do seu resumo que a Polícia Britânica desenvolveu, em Setembro de 2007 – que julgamos ser a data da troca daquela correspondência – informações sobre a nossa responsabilidade no desaparecimento da nossa filha.
  3. Recordamos que àquela data, a equipa coordenada por Gonçalo Amaral mantinha-se em funções na investigação do caso, tendo produzido um relatório incriminador para nós os dois, relatório esse que não resistiu à sua própria insustentabilidade e à inexistência no processo de quaisquer indícios que permitissem incriminar-nos, pelo que, após mais 8 meses de investigação, o caso foi arquivado.
  4. Presumimos assim que a existir a correspondência resumida pelo WikiLeaks ela se baseie nas circunstâncias que ocorriam na investigação naquele período, uma vez que desconhecemos pessoalmente e não existem no processo dados contrários, que tenha havido quaisquer investigações complementares àquelas que são conhecidas de todos.
  5. O ex-inspector Gonçalo Amaral, mais uma vez, tem vindo a aproveitar a abertura dada pela comunicação social portuguesa às suas teses, produzindo insinuações profundamente danosas em que aproveita para invocar defeitos da investigação que ele próprio coordenou e da qual não foram obtidos quaisquer resultados úteis para a nossa filha.
  6. Estas especulações são periodicamente trazidas à opinião pública por aquele ex-funcionário da PJ, acompanhadas por ameaças vazias de reabertura do processo por iniciativa própria.
  7. Uma vez que o referido senhor declara publicamente que sabe o que ficou por fazer naquela investigação e se «o que ficou por fazer» for a investigação de factos, documentos, dados ou informações reais e concretos que levem à descoberta do paradeiro de Madeleine ou mesmo das razões do seu desaparecimento, tem o referido senhor a obrigação de as apresentar no processo com vista à reabertura da investigação, de que nós somos os maiores interessados.
  8. Temos consciência de que o desaparecimento de Madeleine é para Gonçalo Amaral uma fonte inesgotável de enriquecimento por via de imputações falsas, profundamente ofensivas e prejudiciais à própria investigação, apelamos ao sentido crítico dos jornalistas para destrinçarem a informação jornalística daquilo que são especulações e meios duvidosos de lucro fácil.
15 de Dezembro de 2010
Kate e Gerry McCann”