Saturday, December 25, 2010


More info about the sleaze and general corruption of the George W Bush years. We knew about Enron ., the biggest exposure of corruption in corporate history and how Bush was buddies with the CEO. Would be great if we could get the Bush family's background and history on their Big Oil dealings. Also more exposure of Bush Senior's connections with the Bin Laden family.

Hopefully soon a massive exposure of the double dealings of the Corporate Banking World, including GoldmanSachs, the Fed, Bank of America,Bank of England and Deuche Bank. Not forgetting Big Oil(we are already are getting info on them) I am sure there are many things which our diplomats would not dare to gossip about on the cables. The big one would be exposure of the subterfuge leading up to

Bush's "War on Terror" a terminology that Obama does not like to use anymore, yet a whole excuse for even the liberal American media to never question anymore , American foreign policy or the demeaning of the American Constitution. Likewise in the UK.

Further exposure at what happens in the confines of the richest Land Lords on the planet , The Vatican also connecting this to their banking.

I think a big exposure of the Banking sector , could be their connection with money laundering of the biggest Mafia Drug Cartels.