Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jo Yeates ..boyfriend talking in past tense

Greg Reardon 'theory' and the four hour delay...

Something very wrong here and bordering on the bizarre..

Something else not quiet right, Gregs mothing speaks of wedding plans in an 'Exclusive' Jo's parents did not mention a wedding or an engagement...did they know of these plans?

To end speculation, police stil not saying Greg has a cast iron alibi.

Jo, from reading all the wonderful tributes on Facebook, was a kind , warm loving young lady, loved by everyone. But the one important point that stands out , she was a very caring person.

Greg goes away for a long week-end, the weather conditions are hazardous and yet this warm caring woman does not ring, according to Gregs mother, soon to be married , boyfriend  to make sure he has arrived safely ? This warm caring woman ignores messages from Greg the whole week-end and he says this is normal ? I can only think of one reason Jo did not pick up her messages ,because she was unable to. Lets hope we hear more today and the police confirm Greg is not involved in this, for the sake of both sets of parents , it would be more then they could bear.

Information not revealed about  findings in the flat ...and still Greg waited over four hours before contacting the police.

Boyfriend looking to the future ?