Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jo Yeates body found


One can only sympathise with the family of Joanna Yeates whose body was found today two miles from her home as her family prayed desperately for her safe return.

Joanne went missing just over a week ago in a case that puzzled detectives and whose enquiries centred around a missing pizza she purchased from Tesco on her way home from a drink with colleagues at a local pub.
Since then her family have been distraught with worry and made tearful pleas at a press conference where, perhaps ominously, her father asked for her return whether alive or dead so he could cradle his dear daughter before laying her to rest.
The circumstances of the discovery are still unclear, as is the length of time the body had laid unhidden near a path popular with dog walkers. A couple walking their dogs on Christmas morning made the grim discovery. Police say that a formal identification hasn’t yet been made but all the signs are that it is the body of the missing young architect.
Police are also refusing to speculate on the cause of death leading the media to speculate that the condition of the body is such that the cause of death is uncertain although a murder enquiry is now in operation.
One can only despair at the kind of sick individual who would take a happy, vibrant young woman with a bright and happy future ahead of her and extinguish that life. At this time, especially so as it is Christmas, the thoughts and prayers of the British public are with Jo’s family and her boyfriend as they face future Christmases knowing that they will be the anniversary and hold only tragic memories of the loss of Jo.
One can only hope now that the police use all their powers and resources to bring the evil perpetrator to justice and ensure that young women can again feel safe walking through the streets of Bristol.