Friday, January 27, 2012

STOP #GOOGLE From Tracking Your Internet Activity


After yesterday’s article on Google I received some concerned e-mails from readers who wanted to know what steps they could take to stop Google tracking so I decided to write up this brief guide.

First, why should anyone care about this if they don’t have anything to hide?
Well a lot of people don’t like the idea of a corporation keeping tabs on most of your internet activity which they can tie to your identity and sell or hand over to a governmental agency. You don’t need to be doing something wrong to enjoy your privacy.

I think of it like this: no one says “why do you have blinds on the windows of your home? Do you have something to hide?”

Since it is commonly accepted that we do not like people looking in on our private lives even when we’re just sitting around doing nothing noteworthy, the fact that most people have blinds or shades on their windows isn’t questioned.

However, it seems that the self-same concept has not been extended to the internet in a lot of peoples’ minds. This is mirrored in the calls across Europe for even less internet privacy in the wake of the Norwegian terrorist attacks.
For those, like myself, who don’t like people infringing on my right to keep my private life private in both the physical and digital realms, there are a few methods to avoid the extensive Google tracking network.

As I briefly explained in yesterday’s article, Google Analytics and Google AdWords/AdSense operate on much of the websites commonly visited. If you want to find out if your favorite website is using either of these you can use a website analysis tool like this in order to see all of the scripts the site calls back to. You can also just look at the status bar in your more

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