Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ENGLAND: Cruelty beyond belief to those in care with special needs !

Just a few feet in front of me, Simone cowered in the corner of the shower, her arms over her head to protect her from the care workers who had dragged her, fully clothed, beneath the jets of water.

At the time they took my silence for acquiescence, occasionally leering in my direction as they tossed shower gel at the 18-year-old, who has learning difficulties, and threw mouthwash into her eyes.

But there was a good reason why I didn’t intervene: what these thugs didn’t know was I had a secret camera hidden in the buttonhole of my shirt and was recording every second of their barbaric behaviour.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1392892/And-care-How-undercover-reporter-spent-weeks-private-home-young-people-witnessed-abuse-shames-civilised-society.html#ixzz1O0EAxsU9

Madeleine McCann: Maddies parents life of crime !

Madeleine McCann: British Goverment cover- up !

Madeleine McCann: lolita images by top photographer Paul Grover.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ben Needham would like the same attention as the McCanns from the British Goverment

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Ben Needham: Ben's mum asks for help from the PM and is ignored.

There is something very wrong here, Ben's mum Kerry has sent a heart breaking letter to David Cameron , also sent out a press release and what has happened ? nothing ! It is though there is a super-injunction against Kerry and her story, one may laugh but after the Ryan Giggs farce and the ludicrous allegations that he now intends to sue Twitter and those who tweeted his love life , anything is possible. Maybe if Giggs had kept it zipped up in his pants he would not be in this mess.

Why are the McCanns receiving so much attention, they fled the country the moment they became under suspicion, hired the most expensive extradition lawyer obviously having no intention to return and answer questions ? refused to answer questions, refused to return for a reconstruction, deny the most powerful cadaver dogs that worked in England and to top it all have gagged a police witness statement that alleges paedophilia among their group of holidaying doctors.

I think that just about covers it. If I did not think so before it is as plain as the nose on your face that the British Goverment are covering up the McCann stench.,  But why should Kerry have to suffer, why is she being ignored ?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FREE: Gary McKinnon...

FREEGARY NEEDS YOU! We need you to help us during the upcoming Presidential visit to the UK.

Let me explain – during the Presidents visit – theres a very high possibility that the #OBAMA hashtag will trend here in the UK and we want to get as many #Freegary tweets into the #Obama stream as possible.

In order to do that we need to spread the word and time is getting short. This is a great opportunity to end Gary’s mental suffering and the agony his family have endured, and continue to endure, under the threat of Gary’s extradition to the United States where he faces up to 70 years in a US Max Security prison.

Nick clegg himself said “If he boards the plane to the U.S., it is almost certain he will never set foot on British soil again, doomed to pass out the rest of his days in shackles on a foreign shore. This is nothing short of a disgrace” ….(August 2009)

Gary will not come home- we need to ensure he never gets on that plane!

So, we need you to blog this and get the word out – and for those of us on twitter – we need you to tweet and retweet all of the #Freegary #Obama tweets which will be appearing in the ‘Freegary’ stream during President Obama’s visit.

David Cameron – “It should still mean something to be a British citizen – with the full protection of the British Parliament, rather than a British Government trying to send you off to a foreign court” ….(July 2009)

Once you have blogged this on your own blog site – send a link – and we will retweet it amongst the growing army of #Freegary supporters on Twitter and on Facebook.

You can start by retweeting this blog – using the buttons available – please share it far and wide.

#Freegary is NOT Anti-American -it is Anti-American policy and believes that the 10 years Gary and his family have waited is 10 years TOO long! Please join us – and help us to Keep Gary Home! You can get all of the information and background to Garys case from the Freegary websitehttp://freegary.org.uk

You can also send tweets of support to Garys Mother on twitter.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Cameron LIES to the British public there has been NO contact with Portugal on the McCann case...

Diário Digital

Segunda-feira, 16 de Maio de 2011 | 19:23

Maddie: British police didn’t ask the PGR for the reopening of the process.

The British police is going to help in the search for Madeleine McCann, disappeared in the Algarve, 2007, but until now, it hasn’t asked for any cooperation or for the reopening of the process to the Portuguese authorities.

In the answer sent to Lusa Agency, the Procuradoria Geral da Républica (General Attorney’s Office) says that until now, “neither the PGR nor the magistrates responsible for the case have received any request or document, either for cooperation or for the reopening of the process».

Last week, the British Home Office informed that the police was going to help on the search of Madeleine McCann, in the sequence of an appeal made by the parents for a review of the investigation process.

The British Government stated that the “safe return of Madeleine” is still its main concern, so the British security forces will continue to follow leads and to pass information to the Portuguese police.

The announcement occurred on the same day that Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry Mccann renewed their request for an “independent, transparent and complete review” of the investigation process.

The couple wants the analysis of all the information gathered by British and Portuguese police to try to find important leads for the search.
Meanwhile, and once again, the Public Ministry reminded that the case may be reopened when “credible and relevant facts exist, as the law demands”. However, “until this moment, no facts have appeared that allow the reopening of the process”

Madeleine McCann disappeared a few days before her fourth birthday, at 3 of May of 2007, from the bedroom where she slept with her younger twin siblings, in an apartment in a touristic resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

The parents dined, Kate and Gerry, dined at the time with a group of friends in a restaurant about 50 meters from the apartment.
The child’s mother, Kate, and the father, Gerry McCann, were made arguidos by the Portuguese authorities in July 2007.

But on 21 of July 2008, the Pocuradoria Gerald a Républica announced the archival of the suspicions against the couple and a third arguido, Robert Murat, which dictated the end of the investigation.

Diário Digital / Lusa
Diário Digital

Translation: LUZ.

Milly Dowler: her father became the prime suspect...


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scientists cure cancer but no one takes notice !!!!


Original link...

Kate McCanns book..updates as the BRITISH Goverment prepare a whitewash.


Kate McCanns book: The BIG lie.


Kate McCanns book: Theresa May, seems she may have misled the British public !


Kate McCanns book : Another blatant lie...Kate waited 48 hours BEFORE she mentioned sedation !

Dr Kate: “On the night Madeleine was taken, you may remember, Gerry and I had been very concerned that Sean and Amelie had hardly moved in their costs, let alone woken up, despite the commotion in the apartment (NOTE: When the McCanns, their friends and staff from Mark Warners were trampling all over the ‘crime scene’ contaminating the evidence).

Dr Kate: “…we had always suspected that all three children might have been sedated by the abductor. We mentioned this to the police that night and several more times in the following weeks, but no testing of blood, or hair, which could have revealed the presence of drugs, had ever been done”.

Witness Statement Statement by Jim McGarvey – 25.04.08
Cartas Rogatorias Vol V
Pages 11 – 12
Witness Statement Statement by Jim McGarvey
This statement consisting of two pages is true and consistent with my understanding.
Date: 25th April 2008

I am police Inspector McGarvey of the Leicestershire police force, currently based in the criminal unit.

In 2007 and in relation to the Portuguese investigation carried out into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, I was detached to Portugal in the role of communication officer for the family.

In accordance with the Portuguese PJ Letter of Request I was asked to respond to the following question:

Was there anything done or said by Kate or Gerry McCann in your presence or during various contacts that could raise any suspicion that they could have had any knowledge of what could have happened to Madeleine, beyond the circumstances described tothe Portuguese investigators.

My reply to the question: No.

In relation to the above I would like to mention that at approximately 20.00 on the 5th May, I arrived at the McCann apartment with other family communications officers. We were asked several times during this meeting about questions that Gerald and Kate would like to have followed up and responded to by the PJ.

I remember that during the meetings, Kate revealed that Madeleine had spoken with her in the morning of her disappearance and said that she remembered the twins had cried during the night and that she wanted to know why neither her mother or father had appeared. Kate asked herself whether this fact could have any relation with Madeleine’s disappearance.
Gerry and Kate also questioned whether there was any suggestion that pointed to the use of drugs to facilitate Madeleine’s abduction.

This statement was made by me and is truthful in accordance with my knowledge.

Taken from  Police files.

British Goverment lie, the McCann re-opening of the case will NOT cost the British tax payer a penny.  Read following link for the truth, to re-open the case it will cost the McCanns the price of one postage stamp to PORTUGAL...I think they can manage that don't you ?



Kate McCann tells a BLATANT lie in her book....


Friday, May 6, 2011

The McCanns 'The Truth of The Lie'

Why, when someone tells us not to do something the attraction is so much stronger to do it , when small our mothers would tell us 'don't touch that you will burn yourself ' we ignore the warning and sure enough cry with the pain as our mothers 'kiss it better' with hugs and cuddles.

There is a mother , who warned me and many others through the British media (her own private mouthpiece it would appear) that I must not read a certain book , demanded it of me. The same mother also threatened bloggers through her hot shot  lawyer's, Carter Ruck, that if anyone dare to place the book online translated into English they would be sued and lose their homes.

Now the very same mother , while suppressing the book  through the courts.... at the same time trying to take away my freedom of thought and speech, wishes to launch her own book and this same mother while forbidding me to read one version of events would now like me to purchase HER book and read ONLY her version.

Dr.Goncalo Amaral finally won his courtcase against this mother who does not wish you to believe the Police investigation and readily admits her book is ' only an account' of the truth...maybe she is thinking of writing another version at a later date.

However, here is the book online, translated into English with greatest thanks to those who did not permit the McCanns to win.



Thursday, May 5, 2011

Americas dream, now the land of Communism

Cinco de Mayo Special!

Super Injunction..Ther'e all at it.


Joanna Yeates.Vincent Tabak, Confessions of a broken man. No bail.Gun to head video link.

Jo Yeates killer in guilty plea...


Joanna Yeates Update – Vincent Tabak appears at the Old Bailey

From the Avon Somerset Police:

Added: 5/05/2011 12:14

Following the murder of Joanna Yeates in December 2010 in the Clifton area of Bristol, Vincent Tabak, 33 appeared at the Old Bailey today (Thursday May 5) charged with her murder.

At the short plea and directions hearing Mr Tabak entered a plea of not guilty to murder but admitted manslaughter.

The case has now been adjourned for trial at Bristol Crown Court on October 4, 2011.

Detective Chief Inspector Phillip Jones said: "The not guilty plea to Joanna Yeates murder entered by Vincent Tabak today at the Old Bailey means that there will be a full trial in due course.

"Tabak has entered a plea to manslaughter however this has not been accepted by the Crown.

"Until this trial takes place it would be inappropriate and potentially prejudicial for us to comment further."

Joanna Yeates: Vincent Tabak admits to manslaughter...