Monday, March 12, 2012

#NEWPORT : Travellers Have Moved On To Another Illegal Site!

A document leaked to the Argus states the Tatton Road site, which is unused land amongst industrial units and does not have residential planning consent, was identified as being suitable subject to some security and safety works being completed.

The document states a number of businesses in the area had contacted the Welsh Government in respect of the new encampment and have been told it is to be “tolerated”, but agreed it would monitor the situation to ensure those living there did not become a nuisance.
All four Lliswerry councillors hit out at the lack of consultation over the new Gipsy camp.
Cllr John Richards said he was “greatly concerned” by the way the Welsh Government had dealt with the issue and is angry at the use of the Tatton Road site as it does not have planning more