Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cameron is he plotting another 7/7 London bombing ?

Libyan expatriates 'plotting revenge attacks' in Britain....The headline, I read with horror but not unexpected. Is Cameron planning a 7/7 London bombing?

Sadly people forget and there has been the minimum of coverage on the whitwash of an event so serious that it has been covered up.

The results from the whitewash will be heard tomorrow.

 The 7/7 was an inside job. Blair at his lowest ebb, the people wanted out of the war. A diversion to show the British public what we were up against, the hoax 'War on terror'...a few people died in the bombings and Blair gained some support.

Cameron hated and despised for taking us into a war we have no business being involved in...NOW, the same as before we are being warned of a possible terrorist attack. Cameron has committed political suicide, the Americans want out and what exactly does Cameron intend to do with a bunch of Libyan rebels?

 My fear and it is a real one, Cameron will arrange in London, another bombing, blame it on Libyan extremists to create a diversion and gain him support...I hope I am wrong but Cameron worships Blair and longs to be just like him, my fear he is already his clone ! I only ask for you to please read the link about the bombings, make up your own mind and take great care when in London.
7/7 LONDON BOMBINGS....created for the Hoax 'War on terror'