Monday, April 2, 2012

#Sweden : Mind Control Technologies And Experiments Carried Out On Humans

Swedish MINDTECH seeks to establish a network of laymen and media and will try to deal with the social and ethical sides to research, development and the implementation of emerging technologies in our society. Why? Well MIND CONTROL Technologies and experiments being done on humans now, and the ones carrying it out, don`t even bother to hide what they’re doing any more!
Mind Control by Ray Alex
The most interesting part are the Direct Human Brain – artificial intelligence– Interface System technologies. MINDTECH will do extensive and thorough research into this totally new area, which at this point, is being investigated only by the few.
Information and communication society is on its way directly into our brains and the ethical debate is non-existent in Sweden and must be urgently addressed in media. The company (MINDTECH) that works for this and have come into contact with people who are victims of these experiments. These victims have shared stories and is living in the same geographical catchment area, and the stories are so horrible when as laboratory animals and to test the new technology in the most macabre and in a perverted way. Only within a small sphere of military / medical classified research and industrial projects are factual knowledge available.
  • It has once been of scientific research has focused on the new technologist is developed into a commercial orgy of human torture and humiliation, injury to a third-party carried out by researchers and their speaking computers with artificial intelligence.
  • How long shall attempt to sacrifice their families and work have to fight for their human rights in the frenzy of abuse that is now under way on software developed for mapping the brain in form of an implantable chip.
  • This development is a threat to democracy and the human free will, and much more. We can no longer deny that the development goes against the “Mind control” Systems.
Mind Control Systems by Ray Alex
UN mighty Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a platform. Here are committing Sweden in research and development of crimes against our fundamental rights as citizens. But even less is known are the discussed issues, concerning the electromagnetic system controlled by artificial intelligence in interaction with the human brain. Brain-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence technologies for research and / or implementation of which represent entirely new aspects of the problem in the issue of radiation protection, health, safety, privacy, confidentiality and informed consent.
Brain-Computer Interaction in electronic form, working alternately with the influence of a person or a group of people’s opinions, feelings, thoughts, reaction patterns, and memory and behavior. Research and technological development is done in / moved to countries where legislation, control and public scrutiny is minimal or more