Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BNP article on Cameron...Racist Cameron Insults Oxford University for Being Too White

By Stephen Palmer – Following on from his obsequious claim that Britain is responsible for many of the world’s problems, racist Dave Cameron has made another anti-British gaffe, attacking Oxford University for not having enough black students. 

The politically correct prime minister branded the amount of black students at Oxford as “disgraceful”, falsely claiming they had only admitted one black undergraduate in the last academic year.

Speaking at a “PM Direct” event in North Yorkshire, held at the hideously white HQ of tea and coffee merchants Taylors of Harrogate, Cameron said: "I saw figures the other day that showed that only one black person went to Oxford last year. I think that is disgraceful; we have got to do better than that."
However, the figures he quoted weren’t even accurate, as the university actually admitted 27 black students and fourteen of “black mixed descent” in 2009/10. 

Rather than denouncing Cameron for his racist remarks, an Oxford University spokeswoman merely championed the institution’s record of admitting black students, boasting they admitted a total of 41 UK undergraduates with black backgrounds in 2009/10.

The spokeswoman went on to state unnecessarily: "In that year a full 22% of Oxford's total student population came from ethnic minority backgrounds."

Instead of apologising for Cameron’s mistake, one of his aides accused the university of “missing the point”, and claimed that 27 black students still weren’t enough.

The prime minister’s remarks come just six days after his self-flagellating comments in Pakistan, when he humbly grovelled about Britain being responsible for the Kashmir conflict.

The visit was made in order for the prime minister to hand over a jizya-like offering of £650 million of British taxpayers money for supposedly offensive comments he made about Muslim Pakistanis, when he claimed some of them have “looked both ways” on terror.

On his plane journey back home, he called a journalist the F-word for daring to report what he had said.

Oxford will be one of the vast majority of British universities that will set the maximum £9,000-a-year tuition fees from 2012, as a result of the ConDem’s continuation of blowing British taxpayers’ money on the EU, foreign aid and illegal foreign wars, to name but a few, rather than spending it on the people who earned it in the first place.

We in the British National Party believe the brightest students should get places in our universities, not the brownest or the blackest students.

“Positive discrimination”, and its American translation “affirmative action”, is a euphemism for the ethnic cleansing of white people, and, if you are white, there is nothing positive about it at all.