Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tracie Andrews and the murder of Lee Harvey...

A young father died after a passenger in a car he overtook stabbed him at least 15 times and slashed his throat at the end of a three-mile chase along unlit country lanes.
Lee Harvey, the fifth man to die this year as a result of “road rage”, was left bleeding from multiple wounds in the middle of the road as his attacker's car drove off. He died in the arms of his fiancée, who was slightly injured.
Detectives were last night looking for the shabby F-registration Ford Sierra that chased the couple between Burcot and Alvechurch in Hereford and Worcester, on Sunday night.
Detective Superintendent Ian Johnston said: “You could call it road rage; to us it is murder.”
Mr Harvey, 25, and his fiancée, Tracey Andrews, had been on their way home from the Marlbrook public house in their white Escort when they overtook the Sierra on the A38.
The other driver gave chase, flashing his lights, driving bumper to bumper and exchanging obscene hand gestures with Mr Harvey.
The pursuit continued along unlit single track lanes until the Sierra overtook Mr Harvey, who either decided or was forced to stop in Coopers Hill, a few hundred yards from his home.
 As Miss Andrews looked on, the two drivers argued, pointing their fingers and shouting.
The confrontation appeared to end and the Sierra driver returned to his car.
But as he did so, his passenger climbed out and attacked Mr Harvey, stabbing his head, neck and upper body. He continued to slash his victim after he fell to the ground and when Miss Andrews tried to intervene, she suffered a cut eyebrow. The Sierra then drove off, leaving Mr Harvey to die.
Superintendent Johnston appealed to the Sierra driver and another passenger, who were not involved in the attack, to come forward. The killer was described as a very overweight white man aged about 25.
Mr Harvey, a former bus driver, and Miss Andrews, 27, shared a flat in Alvechurch with their children from previous relationships ­ Mr Harvey's daughter, Danielle, 5, and Miss Andrews's daughter Carla, 6.