Monday, June 13, 2011

Kate McCann is the last person on earth to be heading 'Missing people'

A self centred woman who is now using 'Missing Persons' to fill up her private company with more money under the pretext to search for her dead daughter. Kate McCann is a liar and the money from the fund is unaccounted for.Kate said today, with a straight face  ' to be left in the dark not knowing where your child is , is unbearable, BUT Kate ... have you not bragged about this many times, this is exactly  how you left your three tiny children on a nightly basis to go and get drunk with your of whom David Payne , is suspected of paedophilia. ! SHUT UP Kate just do us all a favour and SHUT UP !
Police witness statement alleged paedophilia acts between GERRY MCCANN and David PAYNE...

Where is your daughter Kate 'hotlips' Healy ?