Thursday, July 28, 2011

#McCann HOAX: It would appear the McCanns have created a hoax in India police are looking into the allegation.

Only yesterday the McCanns tried to silence Americas top Criminal profiler Pat Brown by banning her book from AMAZON....MURDOCH has great connections with Amazon Kindle ,so it is clear where the direct order came from.

Seems the British media have learnt nothing from Hackgate, they still like to spin the FOLKLORE and print blatant lies but a SKY reporter was able to quickly quash Team McCanns latest stunt by speaking with police in Delhi who said ' I dont'know what you are talking about ' Thank-you Sky. AND on another point Pat tells me she has started her own investigation into what happened to Madeleine PLUS she has two outlets where her book can be bought on line. Golden rule for Team McCann, dont mess with us YANKS. Got it.

And the Daily Mail who had very little credibilty to start with , where does this story leave them ? with a rather large egg on their faces thanks to Clarence Mitchell.