Thursday, July 21, 2011

#RebeccaLeighton: Is innocent until proven guilty !

The front page of the Daily Mail (Thursday, 21stJuly) really begs belief. You could be forgiven for thinking it was a hoax (part of me wonders whether it was an attempt to satirise its own dismal reputation for reactionary, inflammatory and offensive stories by taking the modus operandi to an extreme conclusion).

Regrettably, the truth is simpler and more alarming: the Daily Mail has disregarded a key tenet of our democracy, endangering the safety of a woman who may be completely innocent.

The arrest of Rebecca Leighton, in connection with the murder of three patients at the Stepping Hill hospital, whose deaths are thought to have been caused by drips which had been tampered with, is the story which makes the front page.

Rebecca Leighton is a criminal suspect. She has not been convinced, she has not been proven guilty and, as far as we know, she is not a murderer. I urge you to read the last two sentences twice and consider the implications of more