Monday, September 19, 2011

#dalefarm : Bling in Ireland when rich travellers come to town ...

IRELAND'S millionaire traveller clans arrived home for Christmas in a stunning $10 million motorcade of luxury cars.

The trader families turned the tiny town of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, into a real-life Top Gear show when they rolled in for the holidays.

The Rathkeale clans - famous for wheeling and dealing all over the world - love to flash their cash in an annual display of wealth at Christmas.

There wasn't a Hiace in sight this week as Sunday World reporters observed around 250 new cars in the town, where the population of 1,500 swells to more than 4,000 for the festive season homecoming.

In a recession-blighted year when new car sales collapsed in Ireland, the blinging traveller fleet includes THREE €184,000 Mercedes AMGs, FIVE brand new €90,000 BMW X6s, as well as dozens of SUVs, Land Rovers and Porsches.

Despite the vast display of wealth, the Health Service Executive laid on a free clinic at taxpayer's expense for the returning high more

Might be worth checking if there is any relation to the Dale farm Sheridan Clan.

The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) is also believed to have raided a number of properties belonging to a member of one branch of the Sheridan clan. The traveller traders make their cash from a variety of businesses including paving, the sales of electrical goods and antique dealing. However, they also have a notorious reputation for sharp business practice and outright fraud.