Thursday, August 11, 2011

#RebeccaZahau :‘Suicide’ a ‘Very, Very Suspicious Death’...A 'very very suspicious death'--according to a report from Radar--but no mention of homicide, murder or a suspect

[Photo: Rebecca Zahau]
According to a recent report from Radar it looks as if the cops investigating the mysterious death of Rebecca Zahau, formerly Rebecca Nalepa, the girlfriend of Medicis Pharmaceuticals CEO Jonah Shacknai, may be backing away from their original Rebecca Zahau may have committed suicide meme. The bizarre suicide meme was pushed by both the Coronado Police Department and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department immediately after all records into the investigations of the deaths of Rebecca Zahau and Max Shacknai, 6, the son of Jonah, were sealed.

[Photo: News helicopter crews were allowed to film Rebecca Zahau's body hours after the 911 call on July 13, 2011]
While the records were sealed there still remains the horrific manner the authorities handled Rebecca’s body and what could be a crime scene after the original 911 call made by Jonah Shacknai’s brother Adam Shacknai. According to news reports Adam Shacknai had flown to Coronado after Max’s accident. At the time of Rebecca’s ‘suspicious’ death Adam was a resident of the mansion’s guest house who allegedly cut down Rebecca’s nude body hanging from a balcony of the historic Spreckels Mansion currently owned by Jonah Shacknai. Authorities allowed Rebecca’s nude body to lay in an open courtyard for ‘most of the day’, her body videotaped by local helicopter news crews. The image of Rebecca’s nude and bound body broadcast to the public. After Rebecca’s body was on display for most of the day the authorities then sealed all the records to the investigations of Rebecca and Max’s deaths.
Radar’s latest report:
The respective investigations into the mysterious deaths of multi-millionaire Jonah Shacknai’s son, Max, and girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, are expected to be complete in the next several weeks, is exclusively reporting.
Jonah’s 6-year-old son, Max, was found at the base of the stairs of his Coronado, CA. mansion, unresponsive and unconscious. Two days later, Shacknai’s girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, 32, was found hanging outside the same home, naked, with her hands bound to her ankles behind her back.
Law enforcement sources tell “It doesn’t look like Rebecca’s death was by suicide. The evidence we have gathered so far, points us in the direction of this being a very, very suspicious death.”
‘Her hands bound to ankles behind her back’ a different version than other news reports which included Rebecca’s hands bound behind her back and her feet bound together, the binding around her hands had been cut loose after Adam Shacknai discovered her body hanging from the balcony, and, Rebecca Zahau’s hands were still bound but the binding around her feet were ‘undone’.
Another meme pushed by the cops, the death of Rebecca Zahau death was not related to Max Shacknai’s accident. Max, who was grievously injured at the mansion–allegedly a fall down the stairs–two days before Rebecca’s body was discovered hanging from a balcony, was taken off life support several days after Rebecca’s death. Rebecca was purportedly taking care of Max when he allegedly accidentally fell down a staircase.
From Rebecca Zahau Death: Authorities Seal Records, Push Suicide Meme:
And yet there’s the rather curious report from the Coronado Patch of a conversation Rebecca had with a kennel owner the day before her death:
Ted Greenberg was one of the last people to see Rebecca Nalepa (Zahau) alive.
She had called his kennel, Camp Diggity Dogs, to pick up Ocean, the family’s 14-month-old Weimaraner the afternoon following the Monday accident that left her boyfriend’s son with serious injuries.
“She asked us to come get the dog, because she wanted to get to the hospital to see her child,” Greenberg said. “I understand it’s (her boyfriend’s) son, but I guess she thought of him as hers.”
“She called about 4:40 pm,” he said. “She told me about the accident and said that her daughter was also injured.”
There’s no info Rebecca Zahau had a daughter. According to the kennel owner Rebecca referred to Max as ‘her son’. Was Rebecca referring to Jonah Shacknai’s daughter who was purportedly staying with Jonah and Rebecca during the summer at the Spreckels Mansion?

Radar’s report reveals that while sources claim Rebecca’s death may not have been a suicide and was ‘very very suspicious’ there wasn’t any mention of any suspects or mention of ‘homicide” or ‘murder’. You have to wonder if the cops will continue to keep all records sealed if Rebecca’s death is deemed ‘suspicious’?
Meanwhile, investigators are purportedly checking out the knots used in Rebecca’s death. Rumors are orange electrical cord was used. Another rumor, neighbors purportedly heard loud music coming from the mansion the night before Rebecca’s body was found early the next morning. Down the street, the location of Dina Stacknai’s home. Dina Stacknai, the estranged wife of Jonah Stacknai, mother of 6-yr-old Max.

In other news, shortly after Rebecca and Max’s deaths Jonah Shacknai hired a high profile PR firm. The news Shacknai attended Rebecca’s funeral held in Missouri. On August 8, Jonah Shacknai, during a conference call, ‘spoke about the deaths’ of Rebecca and Max, kinda sorta.

‘Jonah Shacknai Spoke On Deaths Of Son Max, Girlfriend Rebecca Zahau’
SAN DIEGO — The owner of a Coronado mansion that was the scene of two death investigations spoke out about the deaths on Monday.
In Monday’s earnings report conference call, Medicis Pharmaceuticals CEO Jonah Shacknai began with a “personal note.”

“At a time like this, you do a lot of introspective thinking,” said Shacknai on the call. “We’ve obviously had an extraordinarily difficult time. We have undertaken tragedies and losses that one couldn’t imagine in a lifetime.”
Rebecca Zahau Death: Authorities Seal Records, Push Suicide Meme