Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#RebeccaZahau :Shacknai Death Mystery -- Cops To Review Hospital Surveillance Video

 Radar Legal Editor

The San Diego Sheriff's Department wants to review surveillance video from the hospital where Jonah Shacknai's son, Max, was treated after he was found at the base of the stairs at his father's Coronado mansion, is exclusively reporting.

Two days after Max's tragic accident, Jonah's girlfriend, Rebecca Zahou, was found hanging from a balcony at the estate. Jonah's brother, Adam, found Rebecca's nude body hanging, with her ankles and wrists bound together, and cut her down in hopes of saving her, but it was too late.

Max Shacknai, 6, was taken to Rady Children's Hospital, and law enforcement wants to review surveillance video from the hospital to establish a timeline in the hours leading up to Rebecca's mysterious death.

"The San Diego Sheriff's Department will be obtaining a search warrant to review the footage. Investigators want to confirm details of what Jonah, Adam, and Dina [Jonah's second wife, and Max's mother], have revealed to them. Jonah maintains that he was at the hospital when Rebecca's body was found. This is a very fluid investigation," a law enforcement source tells us.

Autopsies have been performed on Max and Rebecca Zahou, and Max's funeral was on Wednesday.