Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#rRbeccaZahau : A bloggers thoughts

Something of great interest a blogger called ANON has picked up on on another forum. I am placing it here as thoughts are this may end up as a cover-up.
A critical clue in this investigation is the fact that the dogs were checked into doggy care the eve of her murder.
Why , one has to ask?
Were they going out of town?
Dogs can certainly be left alone for a few hours while one visits at the hosptipal.
Was she instructed to check these dogs? One may never know since she is not here to answer that question.
What is fact is that in the presence of violence dogs will either a. bark like hell drawing much unwanted attention., or 2. if they are trained, will attack on master's command or to protect the master if the victim should fight back. Bite marks on the victim, especially in light of the former wives documented allegations and photographs, will point the finger at you know who. Thus a top-notch PR firm .

She may have been instructed , without making a big deal out of it, to check these dogs.
She may have not made a big deal out of it either , so wouldn't have mentioned it to anyone.
Why would she? Might sound logical to her at the moment, or just doing what was asked. Phone records, particluarly cell phone which records are eternal, should establish someting to do with this critical moment in the hours leading up to her death.

How or why that child fell causing him those injuries leading to his death are only known by her, the child, and evidently one other 13 yr old - so the press suggests.
 Who was the 13 yr old? Another key to uncovering this crime.

I have my doubts this post will make it to xxxxxxxx. Too bad. This situation in Coronado surrounding a pharma exec may be just the events in pharmaceutical history to make or break the going concern of your site.
You know, a test of your intestinal fortitude to stand up and defend your site for what is what intended for... The ACLU will back you. Don't be such chickens. Nothing typewritten herein could implicate you for anything. I'll copy and paste same quote on one of the news sites where they take risks and are a little more seasoned in the area of free speech. END QUOTE...