Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#RebeccaZahau : Dina alleged Jonah elbowed her in the right breast area.

On Sept. 13, 2008, Jonah Shacknai reported to police that Dina attempted to choke her and that his attack-trained female German Shepherd became excited and came between the two. He blamed his wife’s behavior on prescription medications and alcohol, according to a supplemental report.

Dina called the same night, reporting a dog attack. On the following day, she told police the dog had injured her before while Jonah “makes little to no effort to stop the dog,” according to a report.

Dina also submitted a two-page letter, describing Jonah as temperamental. She said the incident began over a disagreement with their child’s soiled bedding and that Jonah cursed at her in front of their child.

He “physically intimidated” her, she wrote, by “coming very close to (her), ‘nose to nose,’” and continuing to insult and threaten" her with name-calling in a “menacing tone.” She added that her attempts to keep an arm’s distance from Jonah during the incident resulted in her hand moving from his chest to his throat.

“Although Jonah feels entitled to name call, push etc, when I attempt to set boundaries via my personal space, he then assumes the role of victim,” Dina wrote.

The married couple was estranged by Jan. 4, 2009, when a second incident was reported to police. Dina alleged Jonah elbowed her in the right breast area.

Weeks later, in a formal letter to Chief John Bennett of the Paradise Valley Police Department dated Jan. 26, Jonah wrote Dina previously filed “false and misleading reports” about bruises on her body stemming from contact with their dog.

“Importantly,” Shacknai wrote, "Dina has been treated medically for years for a bruising disorder, whereby the slightest contact with an object or other material causes bruises. This information can certainly be verified medically.”

Shacknai, the prominent founder and CEO of Medicis, a pharmaceutical company based in Scottsdale, Ariz., wrote that although never feeling physically endangered, Dina physically assaulted him several times, once causing him a broken finger.

He wrote that Dina threw herself at his car on Jan. 4 while he was attempting to drive away from the home. She screamed that he had no right to leave her or the house, Jonah wrote.

“At this point, Dina also began attempting to slap me, again screaming, “You cannot leave me!” Jonah wrote. “I was able to gently nudge her from the car and withdraw from the premises without further incident.”