Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#Censorship at #SkyNews - E.Mail Warning To Journalists

Dan Sabbagh @dansabbagh

Sky News, presumably believes in freedom of expression. Interesting, then, that Sky News hacks are banned from RT'ing other journos.

Josh Halliday @JoshHalliday
Told the Sky News email also warns staff not to tweet about stories that aren't on a journalist's beat

Josh Halliday @JoshHalliday
Sky News email to staff: "don't tweet when it is a story to which you have not been assigned"

Josh Halliday @JoshHalliday
Sky News email to staff: "Do not re-tweet information posted by other journalists or people on Twitter"

Josh Halliday @JoshHalliday
Sky News social media policy. WHY?? Email: "to ensure journalism is joined up across platforms ... and sufficient editorial control"