Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#Censorship : Uri Geller Used #Copyright Abuse Of Power When EXPOSED As A Fraud (2007)

Editors' note, 3:40 p.m. PDT Wednesday: It turns out that Geller has filed his own lawsuit. Here's our follow-up story.

We've all heard about wacky attempts to misuse the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's "takedown" sections recently. There's been the Digg.com flap over a certain hex number beginning with "09 F9," the spat over a parody of the Colbert Report, and even one about a fake ID.

The latest attempt involves Uri Geller, the purported spoon-bending "psychic" who is trying to suppress a video on YouTube that claims Geller is a fraud and demonstrates sleight-of-hand tricks he could have used. The video was posted by the Rational Response Squad, a group of skeptics who take a scientific approach toward evaluating supernatural claims, and rely in part on YouTube to get the word out. ...read more