Thursday, February 2, 2012

UK #Libel Laws Must Change...

Since 2007 my eyes have slowly opened to the corruption going on in the world, the manipulation behind closed doors, been introduced to the workings behind companies (such as Monsanto) and the hidden poisons in our food. In fact, I would not have set off down the road to truth if it hadn’t been for the gate latch being lifted by various areas of the McCann case, least of all Carter-Ruck gagging the press from reporting on the allegations that Trafigura dumped toxic waste in the Ivory Coast in 2006. It was a shock for me to learn that law firms are able to instigate something like that. But it was the string of libel actions by the McCann couple that flung the gate open. If not for those events taking place I would probably still be picking daisies and thinking how wonderfully fluffy the world is.

I am now learning just how dangerous the UK libel laws are for anyone who may disagree with those who may have money to burn. With a huge push from ‘Anonymous’ who left some links on Little Morsals last night I’m on my way to the motorway of eye popping (and worrying) stories regarding libel.

Sally Morgan (an apparent psychic – who obviously didn’t see this one coming) is
to sue Paul Zenon over his Daily Mail article “What a load of crystal balls” for daring to detail some of the tricks of the trade, in effect saying he’s sceptical of her ‘abilities’. But Sally is also demanding damages of £150,000 from Associated Newspapers over the Daily Mail article.

Disclosure Project has some videos which people may like to more