Tuesday, December 7, 2010


1. The original prosecutor in charge, Eva Finné, dropped the charges the same week they were made and stated they were groundless.

3. Eva Finné was removed from the case by Claes Borgström and a new prosecutor, Marianne Ny, was appointed. Her first act was to reinstate the charges.

4. Claes Borgström is a former politician. His law partner is Thomas Bodström. Thomas Bodström is Sweden’s former Minister of Justice.

5. Thomas Bodström is currently in the USA. One could assume he is communicating and coordinating things with his partner back in Sweden.

6. It is Swedish protocol not to release the names of people accused of rape until after a conviction. The Swedish prosecutors office claims they have “no idea” how Assange’s name was leaked.

7. Normally Swedish media will not publish an accused’s name until after a conviction. Swedish media is controlled by a single ruling class family named Bonnier who work closely with local politicians to protect their media monopoly.

8. Claes Borgström’s two sisters, Annette Kullenberg and Kerstin Vinterhed, both work for Bonnier family newspapers.

9. Anna Ardin and Thomas Bodström are high ranking members of the right wing Christian political organization “Socialdemokrat-Brödraskapet”.

10. Claes Borgström is a right wing politician whose push for larger big brother powers for the Swedish state were leaked by Wikileaks.



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(In Swedish – the Swedish justice department says they did not release Assange’s name and try to explain why Eva Finné was removed)
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(In Swedish – a Swedish blogger traces the reasons for Ardin, Borgström, and Bodström’s apparent vendetta against Wikileaks and Assange)

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