Monday, December 13, 2010

Dewani: Alvita Raghavjee 'Strictly come Dancing'

Agent Alvita meets the stars and hits the floor on a Warner’s Strictly Come Dancing Experience Break at Cricket St Thomas in Somerset
Mini CV
Alvita Raghavjee

Job title: Assistant retail manager

Works for: Thomson in Thornbury, Bristol

How long in the job: Nine months

How long in travel: 13 years

Hobbies: Socialising with friends and spending time with my family

Best thing about the job: Fulfilling people’s dreams 

Worst thing about my job: Internet price matches, unhappy clients
11:30 Tempted by coffee and a large piece of cake, we decide to indulge – purely to keep up our energy levels for our dance classes later!

13:30 Time for our Cha Cha Cha lesson. I’m really nervous but this soon fades when I see how delicious the instructor is and melt at his Irish accent! It’s soon clear I have two left feet. We decide to change our Quickstep lesson to a less adventurous Jive before watching “Question time with Lilia”.

16:00 The competition heats get underway for the guests who are taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing Experience competition. These couples are fantastic and make it look so easy.

20:00 A lovely dinner before heading to the Late Lounge to see an amazing show by the professional dancers and the Strictly stars Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova. 

23:00 Spend the evening dancing with our instructors from this morning’s lesson. We tell them about our lesson change as we think the Jive will be easier. Their amused look tells us otherwise! We stick with the Quickstep.


09:30 Enjoy another lazy morning before watching the Quickstep beginners class. It’s our turn in half an hour. I’m sure the instructors try to hide when they see us!

15:30 Today it’s “Question time with Darren”. Later, Darren and Lilia appear at Cricket House for photos on the grand staircase. We have ours taken with them too. Quick, breathe in, Alvita!

19:00 After another fantastic meal we watch more guests perform in the dancing competition. Darren, Lilia, Ryan and Kasenia (our instructors) are judging. I think all the couples are fantastic. We chat to the winning couple later and discover they learned their dancing skills on previous Warner holidays!

23:00 After a few drinks with Kasenia and Ryan, we ask them whether there is any hope for us as dancersÉ we never do get an answer!
Weekend away with the hubby and no kids has resulted in a night of uninterrupted sleep – bliss! After breakfast we watch the beginners’ Waltz lessons and see what we have let ourselves in for this afternoon!