Saturday, December 4, 2010

TONY BLAIR how deep is he involved in MADDIEGATE ?

Tony Blair was PM when the McCanns claimed an alleged abduction. Kate McCann, in her diary, which was published in the press , talks of cosy chats with her friends Tony and Cherie. The Goverment still  whitewashing this tragedy and the media gagged from publishing the Portuguese police files which clearly show the group of Doctors lied over the events of what took place May 3rd 2007. One wonders what the cover up could possibly be in light of  the WIKILEAKS exposure . The McCanns have managed to suppress free speech in England through their lawyers Carter Ruck...we are told by Madeleines parents what we may or may not think and what we may or may not read. There is not a shred of evidence of an abduction but cadaver dogs picked up the scent of cadaver in the apartment where the McCanns were holidaying, the mothers clothes, a small childs T.Shirt , Madeleines toy and the hired car. No other person has died in that apartment